Women – Role Models

women empowerment and online training in Hyderabad

Success has no limits and talent has no gender. Sheroes took the unconventional path and marked their presence in the male male bastion. There is a rise in preference for women in unconventional jobs where there is male domination. Today, there is a need to recognize and acknowledge women when they do a good job, as they do it in the face of great odds and they face lot of barriers in the workplace. Facebook launched a platform called She Means Business in 2016 to help self employed women or startup entrepreneurs. They train women to acquire the required skills and make them industry ready. This step from Facebook has brought significant change in the mindset of women who are ready to take entrepreneurship as a challenge. Facebook has associated this program with tools like WhatsApp and this helped more in the program penetration.  The list became endless and the growth rate of phenomenal.

Women entrepreneurship has some challenges in the current market. Gender friendliness, funding, mentoring in both domain and leadership. Facing all these scenarios, still there is a steep rise the n the number of women leaders with reformed ideas. There are well known names like Chanda Kochhar, Indira Nooyi who are always remembered and admired. They manage different verticals with ease which is part of everyday life. The feel responsible for strategic decisions regarding the overall direction of the organization. They are phenomenal and instrumental in expanding their business across various countries. They make use of the latest technologies for building a good social business and they grow at a very faster pace.



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