WALNUT – Money Management App


Walnut, money management app will come to your rescue when you reach the cashout limit. It will pick up some information from what you have on your mobile. It will monitor your SMS inbox and implicitly it will build the list of transactions which will come to you as an interactive report. It will automatically detect the bills to be paid off escaping the late fee hereafter. You may have a get together with your college mates, a weekend road trip with your colleagues you split the expenses in your group instant and settle.

A better and infographic analysis day/week/month will be looking for you as you start the app. You can watch your recent spends and feed in a new cash expense. It will notify you about the pending bills, reminders and you can add reminders. A timeline for the previous and the current month will give you a chance to go through the expenses ups and downs. Using Walnut pay service you can send money to your friends and pay your credit card bills securely with any debit card.

In the Android app Sunday purchases can be logged item wise/bulk the same date or later as a cash expense with the amount, date of purchase, category, add a brief note to backtrack and the tags. Categories shoot up in various ubiquitous forms like bills, EMI, entertainment, food and drinks, fuel etc. Group sharing of the expense can be made with the split service options. Add the folks to the group, calculate, split and send.

Looking back at your expenses gives insight into your money management whether you save or dip. Graphical analysis, top-down spending analysis is enabled under the export option. If you find anything missing in this, you always have the Add Cash Expense option in reach. You can invite and refer friends, which you will do if you are on the app for a fortnight. Understanding the business flow of the app will make you think better. It is a nice app and will be useful in the last week of every month and it will be right with red colour text and indicators. Don’t be scared, you will manage your pocket better in a couple of months.

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