Rescheduling Policy

At Learn The New, we have created a rescheduling policy for all our trainees. As one of the trainees in our institute, we ask you to go through the following policies to use our service without any issue.

Online and corporate training session rescheduling policies

    When our Learn The New team reschedules a training program, we provide you to choose any of the options

  • You can get a full refund, while the rescheduled time or date does not suit your own convenient schedule.

  • You will have the rights to reschedule the class and then attend it in future by setting a particular date.

  • If you wish, you can send your request for replacement. In this case, you must do it minimum three days before the beginning of the training event.

  • While you have cancelled any session, we do not refund you.

  • When you are not pleased with your first training session, you have to inform our team within twenty-four hours. We will surely assess your request and refund you a part of your payment. You can communicate with us through our email.
    For any unpredicted reason or situation, you can think of rescheduling your registration to a different date. However, you have to pay a rescheduling charge, based on our rules.
  • While we receive your rescheduling application before one week of the training session, we will charge 10 percent of your registration fee.

  • We can confirm your rescheduled date after checking the availability of our instructors

  • When we have one week to start the training session, we do not accept any rescheduling application.

  • Our rescheduling policies help you to learn the way we adjust their schedule. Our aim is to help our trainees in attending their online training session without facing any issue. As one of the trainees, you must read this page thoroughly.