Online Training


Online training, the buzzword in the current industry cannot be left behind if you are a technology evangelist. Online training on the latest and new courses will make you fit for the industry. You select the course which suits your interest and domain and kick off with the online trainings at Learn The New. Our trainings will suit the needs of the companies who want their employees to work on the latest technologies. Instructors at Learn The New will have a balance in imparting the concepts in the theoretical and practical ways. Learn The New based out of Hyderabad provides online trainings, workshops and corporate trainings on multifarious courses.

Online trainings by Learn The New you will be conducted by expert and industry led trainers. We take pride in giving our user base the best training qualitative and quantitative. Online trainings will help the students / working professionals to save time and to get the best practical knowledge in the required technical and non-technical courses. We welcome you on board and get the continuous support from us. We operate round the clock catering our trainings to our users across the globe. Online trainings at Learn The New will be practical oriented and our trainers will make you industry ready in all the aspects.

We honor your time and money which will mentor us to provide the value effective training adding to the money you spend on a course. We use the effective online training tools like GoToMeeting, WebEx and Skype for communication. You listen to the session on your scheduled time slot, but later for reference our recorded sessions will help you a lot. Learn The New online trainings operates on web / mobile based training sessions which will enable you to take the sessions from anywhere in the world with a laptop or a smartphone. Pricing factor is one area which will be a bit high for online trainings. Learn The New will offer the courses at a very competitive fee structure without a compromise in the quality of the course content. Our users will be facilitated with a course fee structure divided to pay it twice when they take the course.


Learn The New online training is the top of our chart. Online training will be given by highly skillful and industry trainers with the best communication skills. We have a range of trainers who will be suitable for freshers and working professionals. Our team will take you through the best technical course study with practical exposure. Our online training will be customized based on the requirements of the student. We will use the best online training tools not to lose the focus in between


  • Live sessions with the student preferred application / project.

  • Industry led trainers with the best technical and communication skill set

  • Learn The New Course Track ( LTNCT ) application will make the student to know the progress of the course

  • Session recordings will be made available after the session

  • Customized course structures according to the requirement of the student

  • Online trainings are geographically catered to the users from various countries

  • Batch with limited number of students to have individual user focus

  • Association with the best consultancies for the placement support

  • Training material, assignments which will help the students in and out of the course structure

  • Guidance on how to be industry ready and interview preparations

  • Placement assistance programs for the selected courses


Best online trainings in Hyderabad on Hadoop, Spark, Informatica, Digital Marketing


Our requirements elicitation team will take the requirements from the student / working professions with respect to his training requirements. Details like course duration, trainer expertise level, timings will be taken.


Trainers will be engaged for demo sessions on the acceptance from the student. The trainers will take the demo session in the accepted time and day from both the ends. If the trainer is not available, offline demo recording will be shared.


Our trainer filtering team will filter the trainers list that best suits the requirements from the user. The trainer expertise, availability of the trainer in the required time slot will be considered in the first place.


After listening to the demo sessions from the selected trainers, the student can confirm the trainer and the session time. The trainer will be mapped to the student and the batch can have students upto 3-4 in number.


The filtered list of trainers will be communicated to the student to select the trainers of his choice. Student has to finalize the list with in the specified time frame.


The student can pay the fee as per the customization of the course and the trainer. He can enroll for the course and the user will be created on Learn Communals Course Track module. This will help him to keep track of this course pattern, to view the recordings and to access the course material.