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Course Brief

The Apache Spark online course and the Scala online course is designed to the specification of educating the tech lovers with minimum effort and maximum gain. If you want to design something that can be used for lightning fast computing, then spark is the best thing that you can opt for. Spark will not only make your computing better but will also help you flourish the Hadoop map reducing skills. But due to the regular busy schedule of ours, we cannot opt for a regularized training course for Apache Spark and have to look for an online means of training. But finding a legitimate Apache Spark online certification course is a little tough due to the difference in perspective of every individual. To overcome that, we have developed an online training course for Apache Spark and Scala that will make you learn the way you want.

What we offer:

Our Apache Spark and Scala online training will make you familiarize with all the necessary things that you need to know for designing a high output computing protocol set along with a contributing command over the Java equivalent, Scala. You will have a privatized mentor ship with complete online convenient training regarding both Apache Spark and Scala. After the training is over, you will be skilled enough to develop projects of your own with complete professionalism.

Before enrolling in our course, you should understand the outcome of the course and the effects that it may have on you. Below are the salient features of our course that you need to understand before the enrollment.

  1. A Hyderabad-based Apache Spark and Scala online training institute.
  2. Connecting the concept of programming language and logic for new and improved conceptual projects.
  3. Understanding the Hadoop Map Reducing and building faster computing programs with spark.
  4. A complete certification online course of Apache sparks along with Scala from a reputed institutional tag.
  5. Complete help and support team from the admin team.
  6. Real life projects for a better understanding of the practical knowledge and implementations.
  7. A complete brush-up and elementary knowledge of the Java, C, C++, Python etc. and the ways to implement them.
  8. Up close training and help for the local residences of Hyderabad.
  9. Best costing features compared to any online course available in the market.
  10. Unique perspective approach to the every individual for a better understanding.

SCALA (Object Oriented and Functional Programming)

  • Getting started With Scala.
  • Scala Background, Scala Vs Java and Basics.
  • Interactive Scala – REPL, data types, variables,expressions, simple functions.
  • Running the program with Scala Compiler.
  • Explore the type lattice and use type inference
  • Define Methodsand Pattern Matching.

Scala Environment Set up.

  • Scala set up on Windows.
  • Scala set up on UNIX.

Functional Programming.

  • What is Functional Programming.
  • Differences between OOPS and FPP.

Collections (Very Important for Spark)

  • Iterating, mapping, filtering and counting
  • Regular expressions and matching with them.
  • Maps, Sets, group By, Options, flatten, flat Map
  • Word count, IO operations,file access, flatMap

Object Oriented Programming.

  • Classes and Properties.
  • Objects, Packaging and Imports.
  • Traits.
  • Objects, classes, inheritance, Lists with multiple related types, apply


  • What is SBT?
  • Integration of Scala in Eclipse IDE.
  • Integration of SBT with Eclipse.


  • Batch versus real-time data processing
  • Introduction to Spark, Spark versus Hadoop
  • Architecture of Spark.
  • Coding Spark jobs in Scala
  • Exploring the Spark shell -> Creating Spark Context.
  • RDD Programming
  • Operations on RDD.
  • Transformations
  • Actions
  • Loading Data and Saving Data.
  • Key Value Pair RDD.
  • Broad cast variables.


  • Configuring and running the Spark cluster.
  • Exploring to Multi Node Spark Cluster.
  • Cluster management
  • Submitting Spark jobs and running in the cluster mode.
  • Developing Spark applications in Eclipse
  • Tuning and Debugging Spark.


  • Learning Cassandra
  • Getting started with architecture
  • Installing Cassandra.
  • Communicating with Cassandra.
  • Creating a database.
  • Create a table
  • Inserting Data
  • Modelling Data.
  • Creating an Application with Web.
  • Updating and Deleting Data.


  • Introduction to Spark and Cassandra Connectors.
  • Spark With Cassandra -> Set up.
  • Creating Spark Context to connect the Cassandra.
  • Creating Spark RDD on the Cassandra Data base.
  • Performing Transformation and Actions on the Cassandra RDD.
  • Running Spark Application in Eclipse to access the data in the Cassandra.
  • Introduction to Amazon Web Services.
  • Building 4 Node Spark Multi Node Cluster in Amazon Web Services.
  • Deploying in Production with Mesos and YARN.


  • Introduction of Spark Streaming.
  • Architecture of Spark Streaming
  • Processing Distributed Log Files in Real Time
  • Discretized streams RDD.
  • Applying Transformations and Actions on Streaming Data
  • Integration with Flume and Kafka.
  • Integration with Cassandra
  • Monitoring streaming jobs.


  • Introduction to Apache Spark SQL
  • The SQL context
  • Importing and saving data
  • Processing the Text files,JSON and Parquet Files
  • DataFrames
  • user-defined functions
  • Using Hive
  • Local Hive Metastore server


  • Introduction to Machine Learning
    Types of Machine Learning.
  • Introduction to Apache Spark MLLib Algorithms.
  • Machine Learning Data Types and working with MLLib.
  • Regression and Classification Algorithms.
  • Decision Trees in depth.
  • Classification with SVM, Naive Bayes
  • Clustering with K-Means
  • Building the Spark server

On the basis of the reviews received, these are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any queries, you are likely to receive a suitable answer from the list listed below.

Is there any specific system requirement for this training ?
There are three basic requirements for the proper conduct of this online course. First, you need to have a good upgraded PC, preferably an i3 processor or an AMD equivalent core. Second, you need to have software where the programming will be conducted. For that, it is recommended to use an authentic version. Lastly, you need to have a working internet connection with good connectivity speed, preferably a 4G connection.

Are the trainers good enough ?
Every trainer in this institution is a professional with a working experience of more than or at least 10 years. They have already undertaken projects of a very high scale and had also worked professionally for reputed firms and MNC. At the end of all of it, the trainers are well experienced in the field of teaching with a contributing experience level individually.

What are the preferences of the candidates on the basis of this course ?
The preferences of candidates have two main categories depending on the institutional establishment and area.

Apache Spark and Scala online training course in Hyderabad: This division of the course is for the kind of people who are locally established and are a citizen of Hyderabad. They can consult us directly and have a personal conversation if they are in need of such aid.Apache Spark and Scala online training: This course is designed for the people who are not locally based. They will be part of our online training and will receive additional help and support on calls and messages.

What if I don’t want to continue the course ?
We understand that everything is not made for everyone. You must be wondering if you will have a refund if you drop the course in the middle. Well, that is not an issue. If you do so, you will have the money refunded after making certain deductions.

How am I supposed to pay for the services ?
For you to pay, there are certain options that you might consider. You can choose any option you want from the below points.

  • Debit card (Visa, RuPay and Master Card): For Indian users only.
  • Credit card: For everyone
  • Paytm: For Indian users only
  • PayPal: For everyone
  • NEFT: For Indian Users only
  • American Express: For Abroad applicants
  • Diner’s card: For Abroad applicants

Are there any discounts for group enrollment ?
If you are enrolling in the group, there will be a very handsome discount nonetheless. For an individual, we have the same price. But when it comes to groups, we have individually placed some slots upon which you will find the required number of people synchronizing with you. Find your ideal slot and select the package that benefits you the most. For support, you can take to our customer care executive online or simply give us a call.

What if I miss out on a session and want to continue from there ?
Since it is an online training, we will not be repeating the same part of the course again. But you can go through the entire lesson. All you need to do is to log into your panel and then watch the preloaded video. If you have any queries regarding the lesson, you can always refer to us via call or mail.

What if someone is not getting the lessons the way they want to ?
In that case, we will take some extra care for you to understand. We are familiar with the concept that everyone is not the same when it comes to learning. So, we will make sure that you get the exact thing that you want out of the lesson.

How important is the course ?
In a fast growing market where the internet is the key to everything, it is better to be the developer than being the one who is hiring a developer. The reference to this statement comes from a digital marketing world where every day companies are built and websites are made. Even if you work as a freelancer, you can make sure that you will have a promising care than most of the 10 to 5 jobs today.

How to enroll ?
To enroll with us, all you need to do is to fill a form up and make the payment. Make sure that you have the required setup for the continuation of the course. If you have everything, chances are that you will have nothing else to worry about anyways.

Why take our words for granted when you can have the already certified candidate’s opinion. Check out our 5 best reviews that our already passed out trainees have provided.

I didn’t know the meaning of online when I started my career. By the time I knew it, it was already too late for me to resume my academics. I was looking for a way to complete my training and have plenty of time for the job. Then I saw this site and thought of giving it a try. Now, my job which was about to get obsolete once is not only in a safer position but I have been promoted due to my recently acquired skills – Krishna Kishore, Texas

There are many online courses and I have opted for quite a few. But most of them either have a reason to take your money and run away or just provide you with the things that you don’t want to learn. I am not saying that they also have something different. When I enrolled I started with Android app development but was finding it useless. Then they have asked me a few questions and have recommended me to try this one for a change. To my surprise, this was a better solution and it has also helped my career. So, you get the lessons and free career counseling. That’s the difference – Rajani, Chennai

Finding a good suitable online course for Apache Spark and Scala is very hard. But finding an Apache Spark online certification course that is truly authentic is even harder. Good thing that I found them. Now, I have a good certificate and knowledge over the course to boost my career rapidly. Not to mention a group of mentors who are still helpful even after a year of my passed out session – Prithvi, Hyderabad

I am a local resident of Hyderabad but the center was still too far. So, after conducting my courses online, I used to approach them once a month with all the queries that I had. The best part is, they were as much genuine as they were over the internet. They were not only helpful but also asked me if I wanted some additional help – Varma, Singapore

I was looking for something authentic to start with. I didn’t have any career requirement. I just wanted to learn something new. So, I choose the timing and started learning. Now, after 1 year of my training, I have my business but I am also earning decent enough as a freelancer. So, a good decision and a good set of mentors changed my life entirely – Rahmath, UAE