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Course Brief

Selenium is one of the most popular courses when it comes to JAVA applications. Our Selenium online training in Hyderabad is specifically designed in such a way that people can opt for this course even after the maintenance of their daily life. We are the leading providers of Selenium courses in Hyderabad with a reputation that precedes us. We offer the best Selenium online training through live Selenium training classes. With us, you can grow and make you educated. We have a complete team for help and support for you to learn Selenium web driver online.

What we offer:

After the completion of the course, you will have a good command and strong grip on selenium. All you need is the basic concept of Java and the rest will be provided from our side. Our Selenium online training in Hyderabad will benefit you with project undertakings and development. The Selenium online training includes 30 sessions with a regular and periodic time interval.

Before you roll into our course, here is a list of the things that you will be familiarized with. Find the below list of things designed as the round off of our course.

  1.    30 sessions of live Selenium online training classes.
  2.    Selenium online course and Selenium online training in Hyderabad for local and distant candidates.
  3.    A complete help and tech support for you to learn Selenium web driver online.
  4.    A complete tutorial session with real life projects to make you get used to the programming.
  5.    A complete certified course for you to learn and polish your skills.
  6.    Additional help and support through in-call and the internet messaging.
  7.    The additional e-study material on demand for a better grip on the course.
  8.    Additional personal and up close tutorials for local residents.
  9.    A demo project of a real life website to gain experience.
  10.    A Java refresher from the core to get a better upper hand on it.

Introduction of Selenium

What is automation testing?

  • Use of Automation Testing?
  • Explanation of Selenium and its advantages
  • Differences between Selenium and QTP

Components of Selenium

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium Grid
  • Selenium Webdriver/version 2.0

Locators of Selenium

  • Tools to identify elements and objects
  • Firebug
  • IE developers tools
  • Google chrome developer tools
  • Locating elements by ID, Name, Link Text, XPath

Introduction of Selenium IDE

  • Main features of Selenium IDE
  • Selenium IDE Icons
  • Installing Selenium IDE
  • First test with Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE concepts

  • Building Test cases using Selenium IDE
  • Creating test suites
  • Adding Selenium IDE commands
  • Selenium IDE Menus
  • Selenium IDE commands (asserting, verifying , wait, and storing the elements)
  • IDE context menu

Selenium IDE Commands

  • goBack
  • refresh
  • keys simulation
  • mouseOver
  • Highlight

Selenium Webdriver

  • Introduction to selenium webdriver
  • Setting up Eclipse
  • Downloading and configuring Webdriver in Eclipse
  • Converting Selenium IDE test to programming language (JAVA)

Selenium – JAVA language

  • Introduction
  • Data Types
  • JAVA variables
  • Java Modifier
  • Comments in JAVA
  • JAVA Basis
  • Execution of JAVA

SeleniumDriver – IDE – JAVA – Junit

  • Junit Annotations
  • Testing Annotations
  • Testing Eclipse plugin
  • Thread.Sleep
  • Exceptions
  • Webdriver Interface
  • JAVA Overview
  • Special cases involved in Selenium Webdriver
  • Characteristics of Automation
  • Overview of Integration and Building tools

Concepts of Framework

  • Introduction to framework
  • About framework
  • Use of framework
  • Different types of frameworks
  • Different types of packages in framework

Below is the list of the most preferred frequently asked questions. Try giving them a look and we hope that it answers your query.

What is the difference between the people living locally and us?

There are two basic categories of the course. They seem similar but they are different.

Selenium online course in Hyderabad: This course is designed for the locals in Hyderabad. The only difference that this course will be having is the preference level. If there be any issues, the local residents can approach us directly.

Selenium online training: Now this course is a little different. Since, our concept is based on a online platform to work with, the concept for us to reach our interns living in different states of the country or different countries of the world is a little too hard. The same issue will be with them in case of reaching us as well. So, they will be a little off the compatibility charts despite the fact that our entire team will be at their service whenever they want.

What is the payment and discount for the course?

The payment will be at the time of enrollment and you will have a specific registration number to yourself as a part of the verification procedure.

Now comes the discount. Let’s say that you have a team. If you have a team, we have a discount. Depending on the size of the team, the amount of the discount will be considered. It is more likely to be determined on the basis of categorization of your team members and sorting them out according to our lots. We have a number of divisions and the one that fits you will be the one you will be benefited with.

What is the payment method?

There can be a number of payment methods that you can consider as an option. Below is the list of all the payment methods both national and international.

  •    Debit card (Visa, RuPay and Master card): For Indian users only.
  •    Credit card: For everyone
  •    Paytm: For Indian users only
  •    PayPal: For everyone
  •    NEFT: For Indian Users only
  •    American Express: For abroad applicants
  •    Diner’s card: For abroad applicants

What if I want to opt for a different course or want to terminate my enrollment? Do I get a refund?

Yes, you do. As a matter of fact, there is a good chance that the entire sum will be returned to you after deducting the registration fees that is. But there are certain terms and conditions under which there can also be some other deductions but they are minor. Have a talk with our customer care executive to have a better outlook on the query.

What classification of excellence our trainers fall into?

The trainers are professionally developed group of people with at least 10 years of experience or even more for some of them. Not only they have an experience in teaching, but they are also equally skilled in matters of professional work and handling projects. In short, the trainers are more than qualified enough to teach. This, you will understand after a few days of your online training.

If I have a query regarding the course, whom should I ask?

Our 24/7 online team is ready to solve all your issues. All you need to do is to call us and we will try our best to resolve the issue. You can also give us a text message and that will be actually good for you to understand. We understand that living far away has its own consequences. SO, we will be at your service and help you resolve the case as efficiently as possible.

Do we get certified after we are done with the course?

Yes, you get certified after the completion of the course. There will be an online examination which you need to pass. After that, you will have be provided with a certificate that will be legit proof that you were part of our course.

Are there any practical classes?

Due to the fact that this is an online course rather than a regular classroom, there are no practical classes. But there are real life project that will help you understand the course more efficiently. The projects will make you understand the basic application of Selenium in the field.

What if I miss out on a session?

In that case, you can log in to your portal and watch the entire video of the missing session. Since, it will not be a live telecast, you may have some issues. If there are any issues, you can always approach us to take care of it.

Will this course be recognized by different institutes and MNCs?

Yes, it will be. As a matter of fact, the certification is completely authentic and a sure proof of your credibility. And since you are opting for it, you will have a registration number to prove the authenticity of this course as well.

There must be a lot of questions regarding the authenticity of this course. If so, why take our words for granted? Check out the review section and our top 5 best reviews.

  1.    I was in dire need of good Selenium online training institute when I came to knew about them. I decided to enroll and see what the output will be. I must say, it was the best decision to my professional approach so far. The timing was flexible, the mentors were excellent and the fee structure was also perfect. And the best part of the course is that I can have the entire course from the comfort of my house – Sankalp, USA
  2.    Initially, I had some doubts and I am sure many of the other trainees would have. But as the course advanced, they started to disappear. The experience was so good that I have taken 3 more courses from them – Varun, Bangalore
  3.    I understand a little less and a little late. It is very hard for me to find a good institute who can make me understand and still have a sane mind. Well, I have finally found it and it was such a good experience. I am now working as a freelancer and have a database of over 30 clients – Bhagya, Hyderabad
  4.    I doubted the certification value initially. When I received the certificate, I approached for a job interview with it. I was surprised to know that it was a very popular course and the certificate was completely authentic – Raju, Hyderabad
  5.    I needed a course that I can manage in the time that I get in between my free time. I understood that it was not possible with the timing and the distance, not to mention the frauds. Then I heard about this institute and one of my friends has also recommended it. I gave it a try and I must say, the trainers were very helpful. I even approached them once when I was in Hyderabad.  It was a completely great experience – Venkat, Dallas