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Course Brief

SAP U15 is a java script programming language that engineers the use of desktop and versatile applications to help the programs going. The SAP U15 online training will equip a person with knowledge and skills to develop and upgrade different programs. This course is structured in a way it suits everyone, including those without background knowledge about java language. The SAP U15 training classes are structured in a manner they provide insight information about the SAP program.This course is structured to deal with cross platform framework dealing with web technology and responsive design for various applications.

We offer online SAP U15 course in Hyderabad. Our syllabus is structured in a manner it covers the fundamentals of HTML developments ranging from JavaScript and CSS among others. That’s not all; the SAP U15 online training course will help build simple applications. In addition this, you will understand how to build and modify various SAP U15 applications.

Our syllabus is structured in a way a person will learn step by step methods on how to operate and manage your applications for maximum results.

Contact us today and let us help you learn SAP U15 from the new syllabus structure that has proven effective. Here are some of the features we aim to cover:

  • We will start off our course by looking at the objectives we aim to cover before starting off with the introduction regarding the SAP U15 program.
  • We will go into details regarding the navigation of the SAP applications. We will understand what navigation entails.
  • This course will look into details on the introduction to SAP application and how to exercise navigation in between the pages.
  • Guidelines on how to add pages on your application. These guidelines are structured in a way anyone can understand these guidelines even if they don’t have any information regarding the java script programming language.
  • We will look at what is a layout. In addition, we will also look at the different layouts in SAP U15.
  • Guidelines on how to design simple layouts, grid layouts and matrix layout. We will also cover rules people need to observe while designing these page layouts.
  • The binding concept and how the UI elements can be binded.
  • The binding concept guidelines that need to be adhered to.
  • The importance of studying the SAP U15 course
  • How SAP U15 course goes hand in hand  with the various form of businesses

Introduction to SAPUI5

  • Journey of SAP’s User Interface
  • Overview of SAP Fiori
  • Overview of SAPUI5
  • Open Data
  • Overview of SAP Netweaver Gateway
  • Architecture of SAPUI5 Application

Introduction to HTML

  • Creating our first web page
  • Understanding Markup language
  • Tags in HTML
  • Web Forms
  • Linking to Pages
  • Iframe tag

Introduction to CSS

  • What is CSS
  • Inline, internal, External Stylesheets
  • CSS Selectors
    • ID selector
    • Class Selector
  • Specificity in CSS
  • Basic Properties of CSS
    • Font, text, Border, Margin, Padding, Height, Width
  • Advanced properties of CSS
    • Linear gradient
    • Shadow

Understanding JavaScript

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Understanding JavaScript
  • Including JavaScript in HTML
  • Variables in JavaScript
  • Conditions in JavaScript
  • Loops in JavaScript
  • Functions in JavaScript
    • Function with parameters
    • Functions with return
  • Variable Scope
    • ARRAY
    • NUMBER
    • DATE
    • STRING
    • Introduction to User Defined Objects in JavaScript
  • Document Object Model
    • Understanding Document Object Model (Element, Attribute, Text)
    • Accessing Elements using JavaScript
    • Creating Elements using JavaScript
    • Deleting Elements using JavaScript
    • Updating Elements using JavaScript
  • Events and Event Listeners
  • Working with Regular Expressions
  • Prototype in JavaScript
    • Creating Button using Prototype

Introduction to jQuery

  • Understanding jQuery (Why, where, What)
  • Selectors in jQuery
  • Traversal through DOM
  • Events in jQuery
  • Animations in jQuery

Introduction to SAPUI5

  • Understanding SAPUI5 application as a whole
  • Introduction to Control
    • Control properties
    • Control Events
    • Control Aggregation
    • Notepad Control (Custom Control)
  • Creating XML View
  • Creating XML Page
  • Databinding in SAPUI5
    • Understanding Databinding process in SAPUI5
    • Property Binding
    • Using JSON Model and JSON Data
    • Element Binding
    • Aggregation Binding
    • Binding at initialization level and runtime
    • Binding with XML Model and XML Data
    • Internationalization
      • Resource Model
    • Fragments in SAPUI5
    • Defining App(sap.m.App) and using pages
    • Understanding MVC Design Pattern.

Open Data(OData)

  • Understanding OData
  • Using query options on OData and developing SAPUI5 applications
  • Using Northwind services
  • $Select, $filter, navigations, Read, collection options

SAP Netweaver Gateway Using OData Service

  • Creating OData Service in SAP Netweaver Gateway (Code Based)
  • Reading and filtering data (Code Based)
  • Understanding SAP Netweaver gateway
    • Installations, Configurations, authorizations required.
    • Development life cycle of SAP Netweaver Gateway
    • Hub deployment and Embedded Deployment
  • Creating, Updating, deleting Entry of OData Service. (Code Based)
  • Function Import (Code Based)
  • File Upload and download (Code Based)
  • Image download using $value (Code Based)
  • Service Generation using RFC
  • Testing Gateway services

Advanced concepts of SAPUI5

  • Component in SAPUI5
  • Navigation in SAPUI5 using Route
  • Deployment options in SAPUI5
  • Using SplitApp
  • Extending Standard SAP Fiori Applications
    • Importing project
    • View Extension
    • View Modification
    • View Replacement
    • Controller Modification
    • Controller Extension
    • OData Extension
  • Deploying Custom and standard Applications

Introduction to SAP Fiori

  • Understanding SAP Fiori
  • SAP Fiori Design Principles
  • SAP Fiori Architecture
  • Guidelines to set SAP Fiori Components
  • SAP Fiori Launchpad
  • Using SAP Fiori Designer
  • Creating Tiles, Catalog, Group, Roles for adding Application to Fiori

How does this course talk about the SAP application?
Our SAP U15 syllabus has a chapter that strictly talks about the SAP application. This ranges from introduction to SAP application to tips on how to create new applications.

Does this course talk about layouts?
Yes it does. It defines what layouts are and the different types of layouts available that a person can use to design his SAP applications.

How will the SAP U15 course help my business?
As we all know, the current business world is evolving at a very high rate. Technologies are being developed on a daily basis. This course will impact you with skills that can help you improve your applications or even develop new applications. As a result, you will be in a better position to compete with your competitors.

Has SAP U15 proven to be effective?
Yes it has. We have many students who have acknowledged how this course has helped transform their business to be among the top agencies.

Is your syllabus approved by the respective institution?
Our institution is fully accredited. We have met all the requirements set. Our syllabus is effective as it covers all the important factors regarding SAP. We also ask suggestions from our students on how to improve our syllabus.

How long can I take to create my own application?
There is no specific answer to this question. It all depends on two factors, if you have a basic training on Java script and how fast you can learn the guidelines.

I am working and I have limited time to attend classes. Can your institution accommodate someone like me?
Thank you for your question. Yes we can accommodate you. You can register as a part time student with us. We offer evening and weekend classes.

What if I drop out of the course because of fees?
We are in constant contact with our students. We recommend students experiencing payment problems to visit us and talk about this in person. We can help students pay fees to a certain point depending on their level of problem.

Can I pay in installments?
Yes you can. You simply need to sign a commitment form after paying the first installment.

What if I drop out in the middle?
You can resume anytime you deem fit.

Learn the SAP U15 online training by real time experts. Contact us today and learn from the experts. Here are some of the reviews from our previous and current clients:

Thank you for helping me pass my examination. Your course directors are very professional and well organized. They know what to teach and how to cover it effectively. Ishita bafna, Singapore

I am happy with the syllabus coverage rate. The course instructors never miss classes at all. Keep up the good work. Yawar khan, Dubai

Please maintain the rates for your courses. It has helped many underprivileged people enroll in this course and save their struggling business. Debojeet chatterjee, Lucknow

I am impressed that you hire qualified course instructors. They are familiar with the entire course and what it entails. Keep up the good work. Anshul vyas, Hyderabad

Thank you for motivating me to register for this course. It has proven important to my business as I am able to design my own applications. Stella simon, Australia