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SAP PS online training in Hyderabad

Course Brief

We top the list when it comes to naming the best SAP PS online training institutions in Hyderabad. We have been offering online courses for many years. This course is very important. Our online Sap Ps training in Hyderabad is structured in a way that anyone can understand what is being conveyed without straining.

This course contains all the important tools needed to handle plan and manage tools. It contains in depth information that will help a person plan for projects within a short period. This ranges from generating revenue, planning, coming up with work schedules and guidelines on how to collect information regarding your project.

Our course instructors offering real time Sap PS online training keeping in mind projects need to be planned, budget for and follow certain guidelines in order to b successful. They focus on equipping students with the necessary skills to properly handle and manage projects, be it commercial or technical. This is one reason you should enroll in our SAP PS online training institution.

We are considered the best SAP PS online training course institution as we have uniquely designed our syllabus. Here are some topics we cover:

  • We will start off by looking at the introduction to this course. We will look at what this course is all about and what it aims to achieve at the end of the course.
  • We will define what a project is and look at the different types of projects available. We will also look at how to customize different project profiles
  • In depth look at the WBS structure and look at its various activities and networks commonly used.
  • The importance of planning. This ranges from cost planning, resource planning and revenue planning among others.
  • Look at a few things relating to budget. This ranges from budget estimation, budget release and budget supplement among others.
  • Understand what is contained in the project execution plan and why it is important.
  • Look into details the project settlement process. We will look at result analysis and many more.
  • Understand the reporting process and why it is important
  • Learn tips on how to identify and tackle problems that might arise while managing projects.
  • Understand why this course is very important and the skills you have acquired


  • Project Management / Project System
  • Project types & PS
  • Planning Types
  • Project Vs Project System
  • Integration with Other modules


  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Network
  • Activities
  • Relationships
  • Sub networks
  • Milestones
  • Standard structures
  • Project Builder
  • Project planning board
  • Structure Planning
  • Mass Change
  • Status Management


  • Types of Dates
  • Settings for Scheduling Parameters
  • Presentation of Dates in the Graphics
  • Scheduling Functions
  • Dates in the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Scheduling the Work Breakdown Structure
  • Network Scheduling
  • Scheduling the Overall Network
  • Overall Network Scheduling with Selection Option
  • Scheduling with Service/Maintenance Orders


  • Cost Planning
  • Orders for Projects
  • Project Cost Forecast
  • Budget Management for Projects
  • Availability Control
  • Commitments Management (CO)
  • Funds Commitment (Cost Centers, Internal Orders, Projects)
  • Automatic and Periodic Allocations

Revenues and Earnings

  • Billing Plans in WBS Elements
  • Project-Related Incoming Orders
  • Transfer Prices for Projects
  • Sales Pricing and Quotation Creation
  • Resource-Related Billing
  • CPR and Valuation of Semi-Finished Constructions


  • Project Cash Management
  • Manual Payment Planning
  • Calculating the Payment Flow Automatically
  • Recording Actual and Commitment Payment Data


  • Capacity Leveling in the Project System
  • Executing Capacity Leveling (PS)
  • Workforce Planning


  • Procurement Management
  • Material Assignment to Networks
  • Activating Requirements
  • Material Availability Check
  • Activating Requirements
  • Material Assignment to Standard Networks
  • Project Stock
  • Grouping for Individual Project Planning
  • Bill of Material Transfer
  • Delivery from Projects
  • Monitoring Dates
  • Assembly Processing in the Project System
  • Project-Oriented Procurement (ProMan)

Production Resources/Tools (PRT)

  • PRT – Detail Study
  • Production Resource/Tool (PRT) Availability Check


  • Confirmation Directly in the Project System
  • PS-CON
  • PDC


  • Creating Simulation Versions
  • Transfer of Operative Data and Simulation Data
  • Evaluating Simulation Versions


  • Project Version – detail study
  • Project Versions in the Information System
  • PDC

Project Progress

  • Progress Analysis Process
  • Milestone Trend Analysis (MTA)
  • Progress Tracking


  • Preparation and Customizing
  • Standard Tasks in the Project System
  • User-Defined Standard Tasks and Workflow Tasks in Milestones
  • Purchase Order Change
  • Configuration Change Management (PS)

Project Information System

  • Working with the Information System
  • Technical Project Reports
  • Commercial Project Reports
  • Project Summarization
  • Reports on Resources

Does this plan talk about planning? I am looking for a course that talks about this information in depth
This course is very detailed. It talks about all the aspects needed in project execution. There is a chapter that clearly explains planning and its related aspects.

Please tell if SAP PS online course talks about budgeting. I have limited funds but I would like to execute a certain project.
Thank you for asking this question. This online course focuses on all the aspects used in planning and executing projects. Enroll today to access all this information.

I would like to learn how to write project reports. How much do you charge?
We don’ teach how to write project reports. We offer online courses that talk about project management. Please contact us for more information regarding our projects.

Please give me one reason why I should enroll for this course?
Our SAP PS online course talks about all the aspects involved in planning and execution of projects. This course will help you plan and manage projects on your own.

I am having difficulties signing up for this course. I would also like to know about payment methods.
Try again to sign. If this problem persists please contact us. We have a couple o payment methods you can pay us. Kindly contact us for more information on this process.

What will I happen if I miss any session. How can I recover?
This should not stress you. We record every session. You can request the recorded session from your course instructor and go through it.

Does this course have any form of discount?
Yes it does. These discounts keep on fluctuating from time to time. Kindly be on the lookout for our offers.

How long will it take me to learn the reporting process?
There is no answer to this question. It depends on how fast you can understand what is being relayed to you. Our course instructors will assist you in this process.

I would like to know which kind of projects this course talks about.
This course talks about every project ranging from technical to commercial among others. You will learn to handle any project that comes your way.

Can this course help me get a promotion?
Yes it does. This course is internationally recognized. Furthermore; employees love people who can plan and manage projects.

I sent extra amount to you via my debit card. I was so worried about this. To be honest I gave up on recovering them. You guys only deducted the fees of this course and refunded me the excess fee. Thank you so much.

I handle projects on a daily basis. This course helped me save on a lot of money. I used to hire project managers to plan and execute projects on my behalf. I am now able to plan and handle my projects on my own. I recommend this course to anyone managing projects.

I am a project manager. I had problems managing the funds I was allocated to run and manage my projects. My employer threatened to fire me if this mistake happened again. The SAP Ps online course has taught me on how to budget the money allocated on a certain project.

I am university student. I was told by my lecturer to do a research on project management. I had no idea on where to start. This course helped me understand everything about project management. It is well detailed.

I would gladly give your institution a 5 star rating. This is because your unique syllabus makes it easy for a person to understand what is being conveyed.Secondly; it contains practical examples that will make it easy for a person to relate the course will real life experience.