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SAP HR online classes in Hyderabad, SAP HR online training in Hyderabad

Course Brief

Our SAP HR training courses are designed to help companies effectively manage their clients’ and employees’ information. This course is diverse in that it combines a couple of SAP modules and external systems. Our SAP HR online training in Hyderabad talks about organization management, companies’ hierarchy and the relationship between employees and the various departments.

Our Online SAP HR course is going to look into details some aspects of business management ranging from personnel administration, payroll and organizational management. However; it mostly focuses on organizational management and personnel administration.

Our SAP HR training courses cover a few things about personnel administration.PA is a module that helps our students understand the key employee data. This course is important, especially to HR as it helps them in hiring, change of designation and firing the employees.

This course also looks at organizational management. This module mostly talks about the organizational level and the enterprise and various personnel. This is one reason you should enroll with us.

These are some topics our SAP HR online training courses cover:

  • We will look into details the structure of what our training program entails. We will also look at the various structures this course aims to cover ranging from personal structure, organizational structure and enterprise structure among others.
  • We will start off by look at the personal administration. This ranges from maintaining master data, maintaining sensitive information and creating information groups among others.
  • The recruitment process. This ranges from maintaining applicant data, status and class among others. We will also look at how to configure advertisement instruments and media.
  • Detailed information about pay roll. This ranges from the configuration of payroll and wage type configuration among others.
  • We will into details the personnel development. We will look at how to create profiles and running profile match among others.
  • Event and training management process. This ranges from configuring business event catalogues and how to assign resources among others.
  • Understand the organizational management process. We will look at the structure, relationships and info type maintenance among others.
  • Structured information regarding time management. Time management comprises of daily work schedule, configuration of holidays and work schedules among others.
  • We will look at how the SAP HR course can help improve the performance of a business.
  • Detailed information on the different plan categories

  SAP Over view

Structures & Organizational Management

  • Enterprise Structure & Personnel Structure
  • Organizational Structure (Simple Maintenance & Expert Mode)
  • Create Plan Objects, Additional Object Types, Task Description/Department/Staff
  • Maintain Plan Versions ,Org Management Info types.
  • Account assignment features, Structure Maintenance
  • Configure Positions, Jobs, Cost Center Assignment, Reporting Relationships
  • Organizational Structure Report


  • Recruitment Process
  • Posting Advertisement
  • Applicant Master Data Maintenance
  • Applicant Actions, Applicant Activity
  • Transfer Applicant Data to Employee Master Data.
  • Report Generation , Recruitment Info type Maintenance

Personnel Administration

  • Maintain Personnel Action
  • Maintain HR Master Data
  • PA Info types Maintenance
  • Dynamic Actions
  • Default Features.

Time Management

  • Work Schedules
  • Maintenance of Holiday Calendar
  • Break Schedules & Daily work schedules
  • Work schedule Rules
  • Default Features Maintenance
  • Time Data Recording & Administration
  • Absence Quotas and Generation
  • Attendance Quotas
  • Overtime etc
  • Time Info types Maintenance


  • Pay scale Structure
  • Maintenance of Payroll Info types
  • Maintenance of Wage types and configuration
  • Payroll Process Stages and Explanation
  • Schema Modifications in Payroll
  • Form Editor and Creation of Remuneration Statement
  • Country specific payroll process legal legislations and Explanations.

Personnel Development

  • Qualifications & Scales Configuration
  • Profile Matchup
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Career Planning
  • Succession Planning

Training & Event Management

  • Business Event Preparation
  • Business Event Catalog
  • Training activities
  • Booking and Pre-booking etc.

Does this course talk about personal administration?
Yes it does. We have a chapter that talks about master data management, guidelines on how to handle, maintain and store sensitive information among others.

Does SAP HR course talks about the recruitment process?
Yes it does. This course mostly talks about employees and what goes around the office. The recruitment process ranges from maintaining applicant data and applicant status among others.

Can the SAP HR course help the human resource department?
Yes this course contains some helpful information that the human resource personnel can follow. The will properly understand the hiring process, firing process and change of designation among others.

How will course help me and my business?
Thank you for your question. The SAP HR course will equip you with skills you didn’t know about the management of your employees and the structure of your business. This is one of the reasons you should enroll for this course.

Why should I choose you over all institutions in Hyderabad?
Thank you for your question. You should choose us because we have the best facilities in the entire Hyderabad.Secondly; we have the best course instructors.

Is this course designed for human resource and business owners only?
No, this course is not only meant for business owners and human resource personnel. Anyone interested in learning about business management and management of employees. This course is simple that everyone can understand.

Do you offer outbound training? I would like you to train my human resource personnel.
Thank you for your question. We offer training at our institution at the moment. We can come train your employees on request. Contact us for more information.

Do you guys have any other courses relating to employees and business management?
Yes we have. We would like to inform you that the SAP HR course is very detailed and contains a lot of information relating employees and business management.

Who will guide me through this course?
We have professionally trained course instructors who will guide you through the entire course.

What will happen if I fail the examination?
Thank you for your question. We effectively prepare our students for examination. It is difficult for our students to fail.

I am a new HR employee at one of the leading companies. They were really struggling when it came to recruiting quality employees. This course impacted me with some skills which helped me identify perfect candidates for the job. Thank you so much.Simon Anthony

My business was really struggling when it came to proper management of employees and especially time allocation. This course has really helped me a lot as I was able to come up with a perfect working timetable.Katie welson

I was lost for choice when it came to appointing a suitable candidate for a vacancy. The SAP HR course has equipped me with skills to come up with employees profile and monitor their progress over a certain period. Jaspal singh

You have hired the best course instructors in the entire Hyderabad. I have enrolled for various courses across Hyderabad. Your course instructors are highly trained as they have knowledge on this topic.Alice Andersen

I would choose you over and over. This is because you have pocket friendly prices.Secondly; your course is well structured that anyone can understand what is being relied.Lastly; your institution is located in a conducive environment for learning.Kritika kulkarni