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Course Brief

Our SAP Fiori online training classes are designed to help our students have an in-depth understanding of SAP Fiori. SAP Fiori comprises of series of software used in modern designing. These software’s are used to create easy to use interfaces thus promoting better business transactions and dealings.

Our SAP Fiori online training teaches people on modern designing principles and guidelines on how to improve users experience on the services you offer. Our  SAP Fiori Online training course gives an overview understanding of SAP Fiori. This ranges from SAP Fiori authorization, deployment of the SAP Fiori Apps and the installation of these softwares.

Our online SAP Fiori training classes aims at covering various topics ranging from different types of architectures to the installation process. Our course is designed uniquely way that anyone can understand what is being relayed, including those who don’t have any idea about designing.

This course can also help people have an idea of the basic SAP Netweaver and the various configurations required for this course.

Our SAP Fiori online corporate training covers the following topics:

  • An overview of the SAP Fiori online course. We will look into details the AP Fiori solution.
  • Look into details the SAP Fiori applications. We will also look at the SAP UX strategy relating to SAP Fiori.
  • We will look at the different types of SAP Fiori architectures and the common technologies used.
  • We will look at step by step procedure on how launchpad configuration works. We will also look at the launchpad overview and its functions.
  • Guidelines on the various themes used and how to select a perfect Theme for your business.
  • The various types of SAP Fiori security measures and techniques.
  • The installation overview and tasks. We will also look into details on some tips on how to solve some installation problems that are likely to arise.
  • Look into details on the end to end data flow sequence and how it can be enhanced further.
  • How to detect malfunction and learn on the kind of tools to use.
  • Understand how the SAP Fiori online course  can help transform your business

Overview of the SAP Fiori Solution

  • Introduction to SAP Fiori Apps (Manager & Employee)
  • SAP UX strategy relating to SAP Fiori
  • SAP Fiori architecture and technology
  • App types, Architecture structure/details, hardware &software requirements
  • Role of SAP SAPUI5, Basics of SAP NetWeaver Gateway OData Services

Configuration Overview

  • Transnational
  • Fact Sheets
  • Analytical & Launchpad
  • Launchpad overview and functions
  • Launchpad configuration
  • Theme Designer overview

SAP Fiori Security 

  • Installation overview & tasks
  • Configure Transactional Apps
  • Factsheets
  • Search
  • NW Gateway
  • Central UI Add-On
  • Product Specific Add-On
  • Introduction of end to end Data Flow
  • SAP Business Workflow Basics
  • Custom Workflow scenarios to Approve Requests
  • Extensibility overview (Concept, skills, tools)
  • OData extensibility (Taskflow & SAP NW Gateway)
  • UI Field extensibility (Tools, method, concepts)

HANA XS Engine Overview & Architecture

  • Analytical Apps overview
  • Installation of the XS Engine for SAP Fiori Analytical Apps

Configuration of Analytical Apps

  • Configuration of a KPI,Basic issue troubleshooting resources

Does this course talk about SAP Fiori application ?
Yes it does. We have a chapter that strictly talks about SAP Fiori applications. This chapter covers the SAP UX strategy relating to SAP Fiori among others. Contact us for more information.

How many types of SAP Fiori architecture are there in this course ?
Our course will touch on a couple of SAP Fiori architectures and the common types of technologies used. There is an entire course that talks on the different types of architectures and the commonly used technologies in SAP Fiori.

Can I get a refund if I enroll for the course and don’t enter the class ?
It depends on the time you have requested the refund. You need to make this request within a reasonable time for us to process your payment on time.

Do you deal with practical illustrations ?
Yes we do. Our syllabus is structured to cover both theoretical and practical illustrations. This helps our students to have a practical idea of work real tasks look like.

Do you offer any bonus and discounts ?
Yes we have. Our offers mostly target groups and referrals. You should be on the watch out for offers throughout the year.

Who is this course structured for ?
Thank you for that important question. Most people think this course is meant for designers experts online. That is wrong. Our syllabus is structured in a way anyone can enroll for this course and understand what is being relayed. Contact us for more information.

How can this course transform my business ?
This course is designed to pass information regarding modern designing. Customers love transacting with businesses that provide user friendly services. The SAP Fiori online course will give you tips that will help you make your services user friendly.

How can this course be an added advantage to my career ?
This course can make you stand out from your fellow competitors. This course will make you develop unique skills that will make you handle tasks efficiently. You can be easily spotted out from the rest.

Can I combine this course with another ?
It’s up to. You can decide to combine this course or not. It’s important to understand this is a complete course you need. It is very comprehensive and detailed.

How long will this course take ?
Thank you for asking this question. There is no specific answer to this question. It depends on the timetable you choose.

Here are some reviews we got from our current and previous students who enrolled for the SAP Fiori online training institute in Hyderabad:

You are the best SAP Fiori training institute in the entire Hyderabad. You use the latest learning technology, your syllabus is very well detailed and you have qualified course instructors. Keep up the good work. Brijesh ahluwalia

You guys should come up with more courses similar to SAP Fiori as it has really helped me learn more about modern designing and how to make my business more appealing to my current and potential clients.Lauren daneil

I have requested quotes from different institutions in Hyderabad that offer the SAP Fiori course. It is evident you are one of the most affordable institutions. The most interesting thing is that it doesn’t compromise the quality of services you offer.Danny murillo

I lack words to express my sincere gratitude for accepting my outbound offer of you coming to train some of my employees on my Company. The productivity of my company has drastically improved. Prepare to train the next batch soon. Thanks. Deshmukh banerjee

I love the way you show students samples of your previous classes before enrolling them. This gave me the confidence to join the right institution. You guys proved me right. I like the way you meet my expectations. You guys are the best.Siddharth kashyap