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Course Brief

SAP ABAP is a programming language used by various big institutions to run their business systems. There are many SAP ABAP online training institutions offering this course. We are one of them. This course will impact you with the fundamental skills needed to understand the SAP ABAP programming language. The SAP ABAP online training course is structured in a way a person will learn how to create his/her own ABAP program within a short period.

This course generally aims at impacting students’ knowledge about this programming language. This includes both theory and practical concepts. Our SAP ABAP online training course has structured its syllabus in a manner it helps people tackle complex problems and tasks in their businesses.

The current world is becoming digitized at a very high rate. This is the reason people need to learn programming languages that will help transform their businesses. The SAP ABAP online training course elaborates the different methods of developing softwares. That’s not all; you will also learn how the powerful ABAP’s Typeconcept, how to work with database and different ways of customizing and designing interfaces. This course can take your business to the next level. It is not a must for a person to have background knowledge of this programming language. Click here to view different courses we offer on SAP technologies.

What is Learn from SAP ABAP Online Training Course

We will look at the introduction to the SAP ABAP programming language and what we aim to cover in the course

  • We will look at the basics of ABAP programming language. We will look at tips on how to develop simple ABAP programs
  • Introduction to the ABAP syntax. This ranges from customizing the ABAP editor and how to implement simple dialogues.
  • Tips on how to retrieve data from various ABAP programming database
  • The various modularizations in ABAP programming language and how to use function modules.
  • Guidelines on how to control the flow structure in ABAP.This ranges from implementing loops to implementing conditional logic.
  • How to run and handle errors arising from the programs you have created.
  • Tips on how to analyze run time errors and effective error handling tips
  • Guidelines on how to create an ABAP list while using system variables
  • How to define simple variables and how to define performing arithmetic operations using different types of variables.

·         Tips on how to use system variables for maximum results

Introduction to SAP

  • Introduction to ERP
  • Overview of SAP
  • SAP modules at a Glance

ABAP Data Types

  • Character
  • Integer
  • Numeric Character
  • Floating Point
  • Packed Decimals
  • Time
  • Date, Strings

Loops & Branches

  • Do, Do n times, While
  • If, If Else, if Ladder, Case
  • Small Programs
  • Factorial program
  • Indentation
  • Code Inspector
  • Extended Program Check

Structures & Internal Tables

  • Over View of Structures
  • Similar Structures creation
  • Different Structures
  • Different structures with Extra Fields
  • Over View of Internal Tables
  • Similar Internal tables creation
  • Different Internal tables
  • Different Internal tables with Extra Fields
  • Modify Operation on Internal Table
  • Delete Operation on Internal Tables
  • Sorting Of internal tables ( Sort)
  • Searching Techniques Of internal Table

Landscape & SAP R/3 Architecture

  • Landscape Model
  • Overview of R/3

Normalization & Select Statements

  • Over view of Normalization
  • Select Statements
  • Logical operators
  • Select Single & Up to 1 rows
  • Nested Select queries
  • For all Entries
  • Join Statements
  • Inner join & Left Outer Join

Modularization Techniques

  • Over view of Modularization
  • Macros
  • Includes
  • Subroutines
  • Function Modules

Selection Screen Design

  • Over View of Selection Screen
  • Selection Screen elements

Basic Report

  • Over view of Report
  • Report with out events
  • Report with events ( Classical report)
  • Interactive Report
  • Menu Design
  • Message class Creation
  • Text messages creation
  • Hide Technique
  • Get Cursor Technique
  • Read Line Statement
  • At Events ( control Events)
  • Variant Creation
  • Transaction Code Creation
  • End User access

BDC (Batch Data Communication)

  • Over view of BDC
  • GUI Up load
  • GUI Down load
  • Data sets
  • BDC Programming
  • Call Transaction
  • Session Methods

Data Dictionary

  • Creation of Data Base Table
  • Creation of Domains
  • Creation of Data types
  • Creation of Views
  • Creation of Structures
  • Creation of Type pools
  • Creation of Search Help
  • Creation of Lock objects
  • Creation of table maintenance

Module Pools

  • Over view of Module pools
  • Creation of Create button
  • Creation of Display
  • Creation of Sub screens
  • Creation of Tab Strip
  • Creation of Table Control
  • Creation of Save button to update Data Base

Sap Scripts

  • Over view of Scripts
  • Creation of Paragraphs
  • Creation of Character Formats
  • Creation of Pages
  • Creation of Windows
  • Creation of Page windows
  • Creation of Script program
  • User Exists Over view


Cross Applications


  • Over view of CA
  • Creation of RFC
  • Fetching Data Using RFC

ALV (ABAP List Viewer)

  • Over view of ALV
  • ALV List Display
  • ALV Grid Display
  • ALV Catalog Creation
  • Blcoked ALV
  • Interactive ALV
  • How to upload Logo in ALV


  • Over View Of BAPI
  • Remote FM Creation
  • Creation of BOR
  • Creation of BAPI
  • Check The Status of BAPI
  • Super type Creation


  • Over view of LSMW
  • Creation of Project, Sub Project, Object Type
  • Creation of Batch Input Using Recording Mode
  • Steps To Create LSMW


  • Over view of Smart Forms
  • Creation of Paragraphs(Styles)
  • Creation of Character Formats(Styles)
  • Creation of Pages
  • Creation of Windows
  • Creation of Page windows
  • Creation of table format
  • Creation of Smart Form program

Work Flow

  • Over view of Work Flow
  • Creation of prefix
  • Creation of Standard tasks
  • Creation of Standard Template
  • Creation of Workflow builder


  • Over view of ALE/ IDOcs
  • Creation of RFC Destinations
  • Creation of Ports
  • Creation of Partner Profile
  • Creation of Distributed sys
  • Transfer the data Btw sys

Will this course teach me how to retrieve data from ABAP programming database?
Yes. We have a topic that covers this area. The guidelines are very clear to the point anyone can understand, including those without background knowledge about the ABAP programming language.

Does this course covers errors arising from the created program?
Yes it does. It contains guidelines on how to handle errors arising from your program. Enroll for this program and learn more about this information.

Do you have timetables for those working who would like to enroll for the SAP ABAP program?
Yes we have. Our institution has two types of student, full time and part time. We offer evening and weekend classes for those working. Contact us for more information.

Do you issue out certificates after completion of this course?
Of course yes. Students are offered examinations after completion of the syllabus. We offer certificates to those who pass the examination. Our certificates are internationally recognized as we are an accredited institution.

How long does the SAP ABAB course take?
There is no specific answer to this question. It all depends on the timetable you choose. Full time students finish classes faster than part time students.

How will this course benefit my business?
Nice question. We are aware the business world is becoming digitized on a daily basis. This course will help you keep up with the latest technology and effectively compete with your fellow competitors.

How do I find a perfect course for my business?
Our course instructors guide students through the introduction of this course.Afterwards, they will guide students on identifying topics that will help their businesses.

Can you train my employees on this course?
It depends on the type of training you want. At the moment, we offer inbound training. You can contact us for agreements if you would like outbound training.

Do you have a specific enrollment date?
No. You can register with us anytime. We commence classes immediately a quorum has been attained. The earlier you register the better.

Is it a must I complete the entire class to get a certificate?
Yes it is. We have structured this course to help you in various ways. We strongly advise you finish the entire course.

There are many online SAP ABAP training Hyderabad institutions. Here are some reviews that prove we are the best:

Thank you so much for your help. This course helped me transform my business and effectively compete with my fellow competitors. Steven Jones, Texas

I am happy with the installment payments. It helped me a lot since I was financially struggling. This payment method enabled me to pay my bills as I study. Kanupriya Iyer, Trivendrum

I like the way your course instructors were willing to give remedial classes to help me understand this course since I was not familiar with the ABAP programming language.Andrew Thomas, New York

I was impressed with your syllabus. It is designed in a manner it covers important topics that can be practically implemented. I would recommend this institution over and over again. Sarabjeet Singh, Chandigarh

Your services are excellent, ranging from facilities, enrollment process, classes to exam preparation. Keep up the good work. Heena Shah, UAE