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Course Brief

We are one of the institutions which offer Power BI online training in Hyderabad. Power BI is a powerful tool used by those who are overwhelmed by the amount of data they are handling to the point it becomes unmanageable. The Power BI online course is designed to equip people with the necessary skills to use applications and tools to extract data from various sources. It will also educate people on how to neatly convert and organize these data to be more appealing using charts, reports and graphs among others.

The Power BI training course can improve the performance of a business. It is suitable for both IT experts and the non programmers. This course covers all the important topics relating to data. It ranges from reading data from multiple sources, guidelines on how to use information to generate data and how to solve problems relating to data using power BI techniques.

Our Power BI online training in Hyderabad will enable you to study data. This ranges from analyzing data, how to come up with data. This course can help a lot of professionals ranging from business development managers and business analysts among others.

Here are some topics the Power BI training classes online covers:

  • We will start off by looking at the introduction to power BI.We will look what it is all about and how it works on various platforms.
  • Understand the three components that generate data. They range from service, desktop and mobile applications.
  • Guidelines on how to extract data from various sources and analyze these data and organize them in an orderly manner.
  • Tips on how to create visualizations, appealing reports, how to derive real time insights and how to retrieve them on demand.
  • Step by step guidelines on how to use data to collaborate and create techniques that will help your business perform more efficiently.
  • Understand how to get the work done without having to train for a professional course on business analysts and business development managers.
  • Step by step tips on how to create live projects using power BI
  • Understand the difference between you the various Power BI tools used to create and analyze data.
  • How to build power BI dashboard for a specific field of study
  • Understand how power BI online course to help transform your business.

Introduction to Power BI

  • Introduction to Microsoft Power BI
  • Key features of Power BI workflow
  • Desktop application
  • BI service
  • Sourcing data from web (OData, Azure)


  • Building dashboard
  • Data visualization
  • Publishing to cloud
  • DAX data computation
  • Row & filter context
  • Analytics Pane
  • Creating columns and measures
  • Data drill down and drill up

Tables & Maps

  • Creating tables
  • Binned tables
  • Data modeling and relationships

Power BI components

  • Power View
  • Map
  • Query
  • Pivot
  • Power Q&A
  • Understanding advanced visualization.

Extracting Data

  • Learning about Power Query
  • ETL functionalities
  • Introduction to data mashup
  • Working with Excel data
  • Learning about Power BI Personal Gateway
  • Extracting data from files
  • Folders and databases
  • Azure SQL database and database source
  • Connecting to Analysis Services
  • SaaS functionalities of Power BI.

Power BI

  • Installing Power BI
  • Requirements and configuration settings
  • Power Query
  • Query Editor

Data transformation

  • Column, row, text, data type
  • Adding & filling columns and number column
  • Column formatting
  • Transpose table
  • Appending, Splitting, Formatting data
  • Pivot and UnPivot
  • Merge Join
  • Relational operators
  • Date & Time calculations
  • Working with M functions
  • Lists, records, tables, data types
  • Generators, Filters & Slicers
  • Index and Conditional Columns
  • Summary Tables
  • Writing custom functions and error handling
  • M advanced data transformations.

Power Pivot

  • xVelocity engine
  • Advantages of Power Pivot
  • Various versions and relationships
  • Strongly typed datasets
  • Data Analysis Expressions
  • Measures
  • Calculated Members
  • Row, Filter & Evaluation Context
  • Context Interactions
  • Context over Relations
  • Schema Relations

Table Information

  • Logical, Text, Iterator, Table, and Time Intelligence Functions
  • Cumulative Charts, Calculated Tables
  • Cumulative Charts
  • Ranking and rank over groups
  • Power Pivot advanced functionalities
  • Date and time functions
  • DAX advanced features
  • Embedding Power Pivot in Power BI Desktop.

Is it difficult to learn all the various components that generate data?

No it is not. Our course is suited for everyone, including the programmers and the non programmers. It ranges from mobile applications and desktop.

Can I create live Power BI projects through this course?

Yes you can. The power BI online course is designed to highlight step by step guidelines on how to create power BI projects.

Can this course help me manage my company’s data? It is so overwhelming that I am having difficulties effectively managing my data ?

Thank you for your question. The powerful BI online course was designed to help business people learn how to manage data and how to tackle any problem arising as a result of data.

How long does your course take ?

There is no specific answer to this question. It depends on the timetable you choose. You will finish this course faster if you enroll as a full time student. We offer part time classes. Part time timetable offers classes in the evening and weekends.

Is it necessary to have background knowledge on Power BI in order to study this course ?

No it is not a must. Our course is designed in a way anyone can easily learn it, including those without previous skills on how to handle data.

Why should I register with you for this course ?

Thank you for your question. We are a registered institution that has a perfect reputation in offering high quality training. We also have a strict recruitment protocol that helps us hire qualified course instructors.

Can you guide me on how to use the right skills to analyze data for my business ?

Yes we can. Before the end of this course, you will gain skills on how to analyze data depending on the kind of business you handle.

What will happen if I drop out of my class in the middle due to fees issues ?

You don’t have to drop out of your class. We are very flexible with our fee payment. We accept installments.

Do you offer a certificate after completion of this course ?

Yes we do. We offer our certificates after our students have passed examinations.

Do your course instructors offer remedial classes ?

Yes. It is offered on request. Contact us for more information.

Here are some of the reviews we have gotten from our Microsoft power BI online training:

You have the best course instructors in the entire Hyderabad. My employees are now handling data efficiently. Anjali Mheta, Bhopal

This course has equipped me with skills to handle data and solve various problems relating to data using Power BI. Joseph Louis, CapeTown

I like your evening classes. They allow me to handle my business and take care of my family during the day and study in the evening. Kelvin Jones, SA

Keep up the good work of keeping constant communication with your students. It gives us the motivation to finish up this course. Harjeet singh, Punjab

I hope you will introduce many similar courses relating to data. I would like to enroll for more analytics courses .Prabhakar Mishra, Haryana