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Course Brief

Enroll today for our PMP online training in Hyderabad and get the chance to learn about project preparedness. A project will succeed or fail to depend on the preparations that you have made. There are also some huge projects that need to be handled by experts.

Our PMP online training in Hyderabad is structured in a way it educates people on how to initiate projects, plan and execute the selected project. It also talks about how to analyze potential risks that might arise while a project is being executed.

That’s not all; our PMP certification training in Hyderabad also talks about how to monitor and control project contracts. It also talks about how to plan budgets and schedules. It has been proven that the success of a project is greatly influenced by initial plans before a project is executed.

You should enroll in our PMP online training in Hyderabad as most employers consider people with various PMP online training certifications.

Here are some features we will cover in our PMP Online training course in Hyderabad:

  • We will start off by looking at an introduction to project preparedness. We will look at what it stands for. We will also look at what we aim to achieve at the end of this course.
  • Step by step guidelines on the project management process, what it entails and what to keep in mind when planning.
  • Understand the importance of project time management and how it can influence the success of your project.
  • The project cost management. We will help you plan for what you have until the project is complete.
  • Project human resource management. We will look into details on the kind of people you can hire to manage your projects.
  • Step by step guidelines on how to manage your project from the start to the end.
  • How to handle various risks that might arise as you execute your selected project.
  • The project procurement process and what it is all about. We will also look at the role it plays in different projects.
  • What to do as you evaluate the quality of the project throughout the entire project.
  • Tips on how to ensure you finish the selected project on time.

PMP Online Training Courses Content

Examining Professional Project Management

  • Identify Project Management Processes
  • Identify Professional and Social Responsibilities
  • Identify the Interpersonal Skills Required for a Project Manager

Initiating a Project

  • Examine the Project Management Context
  • Examine Project Selection
  • Prepare a Project Statement of Work
  • Create a Project Charter
  • Identify Project Stakeholders

Planning Project Work

  • Identify Elements of the Project Management Plan
  • Document Stakeholder Requirements
  • Create a Scope Statement
  • Develop a Work Breakdown Structure

Developing Project Schedules

  • Create an Activity List
  • Create a Project Schedule Network Diagram
  • Estimate Activity Resources
  • Estimate Duration for Project Activities
  • Develop a Project Schedule
  • Identify the Critical Path
  • Optimize the Project Schedule
  • Establish a Schedule Baseline

Developing Cost Estimates and Budgets

  • Estimate Project Costs
  • Estimate the Preliminary
  • Cost Baseline
  • Reconcile Funding and Costs

Planning Project Quality, Staffing, and Communications

  • Create a Quality Management Plan
  • Document the Project Roles, Responsibilities, and Reporting Relationships
  • Create a Communications Management Plan

Analyzing Risks and Planning Risk Responses

  • Examine a Risk Management Plan
  • Identify Project Risks and Triggers
  • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
  • Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Develop a Risk Response Plan

Planning Project Procurement

  • Plan Project Procurements
  • Prepare a Procurement Statement of Work
  • Prepare a Procurement Document

Executing Project Work

  • Identifying the Direct and Manage Project Execution Process
  • Execute a Quality Assurance Plan
  • Acquire the Project Team
  • Develop the Project Team
  • Manage the Project Team
  • Distribute Project Information
  • Manage Stakeholder Relationships and Expectations

Managing Project Procurement

  • Identify the Conduct Project Procurements Process
  • Obtain Responses from Sellers
  • Determine Project Sellers

Monitoring and Controlling Project Work

  • Identify the Monitor and Control Project Work Process
  • Develop an Integrated Change Control System
  • Utilize the Integrated Change Control System
  • Review Deliverables and Work Results
  • Control the Project Scope

Monitoring and Controlling Project Schedule and Costs

  • Control the Project Schedule
  • Control Project Costs

Monitoring and Controlling Project Performance and Quality

  • Perform Quality Control
  • Report on Project Performance

Monitoring and Controlling Project Risk and Procurements

  • Monitor and Control Project Risk
  • Administer Project Procurements

Closing the Project

  • Close Project Procurements
  • Close the Project or Phase Administratively

What is project cost management?
These are set rules and guidelines that will help you manage the little funds you have and use them when necessary. Projects cannot be complete when there are no sufficient funds.

Kindly explain to me what project human resource management is all about
Project human resource management is all about effectively managing your project. It ranges from the kind of people to hire to manage your projects to how to manage projects on your own. This process involves determining the number of people to hire to how much to pay them among others.

What is online course training?
It involves enrolling and being trained via online live streams of the session. You will be guided through the entire syllabus by a course instructor.

Do you help students apply and get ready for examinations?
Yes we do. We help our students through the application process if they encounter any difficulties in this process. Feel free to contact us for more information.

What will happen if I enroll for this online course and don’t attend any live session? Can I get a refund?
Yes you are entitled to refund. You need to inform us of your decision early enough to prepare the process of refund.

Can PMP online course help me get a better job?
Yes it can. This course is globally recognized.Furthermore; employees are looking for people who have skills on how to handle big projects.

Who is PMP online training course structured for?
This course is open for everyone. It is so easy that anyone can understand what is being conveyed without straining.

I am usually busy during the day. Do you guys offer evening classes?
Thank you for asking this important question. We are flexible with our timetable. We are certain we can get a perfect timetable for you. Contact us for more information.

What will happen if I fail my examinations?
We efficiently prepare our students for examinations. You will be required to resit for this examination if you fail.

How much do you charge for this online course?
Kindly contact us for more information. Our prices vary on a daily basis depending on the offer.

I am glad I across this course. It helped me get a promotion and control all our companies’ projects. This course has equipped me with unique skills to the point I can control projects until they are complete. Alex Meraz

This is a unique course. It is very detailed that a person can learn and understand project management process, even if they don’t have any training on project management. I will let others know about this awesome course. Ella jonson

This course helped me manage my project funds.Initially, all my cash got exhausted when I was halfway done with my project. This was so bad to the point I had to requested loans from banks to complete my projects. This course helped me understand how to plan for my money before execution of projects.Aditya vyas

I have handled many projects both personal and work related. I have encountered various problems in an attempt to execute these projects. This course helped me a lot as it showed me how to handle various problems relating to work.Danish khan

I am grateful the way your course instructors prepared me for examinations .They gave me tips and guidelines on what to expect and how to handle various questions. Thank you so much for your help.Jagdish balaji