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Course Brief

Enroll today for our Phonegap online training in Hyderabad, especially if you would like to learn how to convert web applications to mobile applications. Our hybrid applications online training course focuses on the use of Phonegap build services.

We can define the phonegap online course as a cloud service that helps people create web applications using various libraries such as java and CSS and HTML among others. That’s not all; our phonegap training courses guides people on how to upload these applications on the phonegap cloud services and transform it into mobile applications.

Mobile applications can be installed on Iphone, android and windows phone among others. Our phonegap online training in Hyderabad is unique that it can accommodate anyone, including the non mobile application developers. This course is very detailed in that a person can learn the skills required to convert web applications to mobile applications.

People who learn Phonegap online course will cover the following topics:

  • Before starting this course, we will look at the introduction to the Phonegap. We will look at the purpose it serves among others.
  • We will look into details on the various libraries used to create web applications and how they work.
  • In depth details of the various functionalities used to create web and mobile applications. They range from JavaScript to JQuery.
  • Guidelines on how to set up a conducive environment suitable for converting web applications to mobile applications to suit various types of phones in the market.
  • In depth information on the usage of Phonegap cloud services and understand how they function.
  • Understand how Jquery can be used in the development of user interface development.
  • How the phonegap online course can help you in your business or career.
  • The process of extending phonegap using plugins
  • A step by step explanation on how to convert web applications into mobile applications.
  • How to deploy and test your applications to ensure they are functioning well.

Native vs. Hybrid

  • Different Mobile Application Development Techniques
  • What is Hybrid Development
  • What is Native Development
  • Why Hybrid ?
  • Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Introduction to PhoneGap
  • Advantages of PhoneGap
  • Introduction of HTML, CSS, java script
  • Downloading and installing PhoneGap
  • Setting up the environment
  • Hello world
  • PhoneGap build
    • Introduction
    • Adobe build platform
    • Sample application
    • Basic config file how to write it
    • Platform independent properties
    • iOS only properties
    • Android properties
    • Adding icons
    • Adding splash screen
    • Writing preferences
    • Adding features
    • Adding plugins
    • Building the application

GUI Designing

  • Introduction to jQuery Mobile
  • Making fantastic GUI using HTML, CSS and jQuery mobile
  • Adding GUI components using JQUERY mobile
    • Buttons
    • Grids
    • Forms
    • Color themes in GUI

Hardware APIs

  • Introduction to hardware interfacing using JavaScript
  • Hardware APIs available in PhoneGap


  • Getting to know about camera API
  • Accessing device camera


  • Getting to know about accelerometer API
  • Accessing device accelerometer using the accelerometer object
  • Captures device motion in the x, y, and z direction


  • Connection interfacing
  • Checking for network
  • Network information

Device Information and Notification

  • Getting information from device
  • Notifications
  • Alerts

Splash Screen and Events

  • Splash screen
  • Database management
  • Event listener and device ready functions


  • Database using SQLite
  • How to uses SQLite web API
  • Adding tables
  • Insert data
  • Querying data/read data
  • Deleting table
  • Updating data
  • Basic Queries

Media and Files

  • Basic le systems
  • Directories and les


  • Accessing device contacts
  • Adding and editing contacts

Building for iOS

  • Introduction
  • Do I Need a Mac?
  • What are Signing Certificates?
  • What is Provisioning?
  • Workflow of iOS Development
  • Getting a Developer Account
  • Preparing the Mac
  • Provisioning a Device
  • Building a Development IPA
  • Building a Distribution IPA
  • Submitting to the AppStore

Building for Android

  • Introduction
  • Signup for Google Play
  • Register Your App
  • Signing Your App
  • Upload to Google Play
  • Kindle Android Store

Other Platforms

  • Windows Phone
  • Blackberry

Does this course talk about libraries used to create web applications ?
Yes it does. There is a chapter that talks deeply about the libraries used by phonegap to create web applications. They range from HTML, Java and CSS among others.

Can I study this course even if I am not a mobile application developer ?
Yes you can. Our course is uniquely structured that anyone can understand the content without straining.

How long will it take before I can start converting web applications into mobile applications ?
Thank for asking this question. There is no specific answer to this question. It depends on a couple things. They range from if you are a mobile application developer and how fast you can understand information.

How can this course help me in managing my business ?
The phonegap online training is very detailed. You will be able to convert web applications to mobile applications on your own without hiring a mobile application expert.

How will this course help my mobile application career ?
This course is very well detailed. It contains all the information regarding phonegap. This course will enable you to acquire important tips that will make you stand out from your fellow workers when handling tasks.

Will I learn tips on how to test and check my application ?
Yes you will. There is a chapter that educates people on how to check and test their applications before releasing them in the market.

How much do your charge for the phonegap online class ?
We don’t have a specific answer to this question. This is because we give discounts and offers from time to time. Kindly contact us for more information regarding our current price. Thank you.

Do I need to combine this online course without another one in order to understand phonegap ?
No you don’t need. This course is complete. Our phonegap online course is very detailed. It covers various topics relating to phonegap. We are certain this course will meet your various desires.

What will happen if I miss any class due to commitment somewhere else ?
Don’t worry about anything. We offer recordings of the selected class. Alternatively; you can talk to your course instructor to guide you through the topic within the given time frame.

Is it a must I pay full installments before I start the online course?
No.You can pay a small amount of the fees and commit on when you will pay the balance. It should be within the course coverage period.

Here are some reviews we have received from our current and previous students who enrolled for the phonegap course online training:

I am really excited on how our course instructor shows us the practical part of what we are learning in this online course. I am very excited and happy at the same time. I look forward to creating my own application based on what I have learnt. Sunny Arora

I love the way this phonegap online course is so detailed. It contains almost every information regarding phonegap. I was really stressed on looking for a new online course and enrolling. This course has really helped me a lot. Thank you so much. Manjeetpal Singh

I am saving a lot of money on a monthly basis. I used to hire mobile application experts every now and them to check out my applications and repair any imminent problem that might have occurred. I can handle all the above tasks, thanks to this course. James Methew

I would choose you again and again. You have the best course instructors who helped me perfectly understand this online course. I am not a mobile application expert. I thought I would have a rough time understanding this course. Thank you so much. Shezan Khan

I missed a couple of classes because my daughter was sick. I was really worried that I would fail the examination and have to repeat the entire course again. Your exam preparation sessions really helped me a lot. Thank you so much for your help.Lorel Martin