Performance Testing Online Training

Performance testing online training in Hyderabad, Performance testing online course

Course Brief

There are many online courses people take to learn on how to determine the effectiveness or speed of a computer, software program or device. Our online performance testing training course is one of them.

This course talks about performance testing in details. Perfomance testing is a testing technique that measures the quality attributes of a system. This ranges from its reliability, resource usage and scalability among others.

Our performance testing online training course aims to help people understand the in depth concept relating soak testing, spike, and load. In short, this course teaches you how to measure the system workload and analyze various statistics to evaluate its performance.

We will also look at performance testing training using load runner. These details are well detailed and well explained that anyone can understand what is being conveyed, including those who don’t have any training in performance analysis. Enroll in our online performance testing training course and take your business to the next level.

Our performance testing course in Hyderabad covers the following topics:

  • We will start off by looking at introduction to performance testing. We will look at its definition and what this technique is all about.
  • We will look at the performance testing plan. We will look at the testing process and the performance tool selection and evaluation.
  • The different types of performance tests available. They range from load test, spike test, smoke test and capacity test among others.
  • The different protocols used in the performance testing process. They range from SAP.ajax, web services and web structure.
  • Understand what sniffing tools are the roles they play. We will look at the following tools; HTTP watch, HTTP fox and manual script.
  • A detailed introduction to load runner. This ranges from the load runner terminology and the Load runner Vuser technology
  • We will look at the components of load runner. We will look at analysis, load generator, agent process and Vugen.
  • We will look at how this course can help transform your business and increase the productivity of your applications and websites among others.
  • Step by step guidelines on how to analyze results
  • Look at the different modes of recording.


I would like to learn about performance testing plan. Please tell me if I can trust this course to equip me with this knowledge.
Thank you for asking this question.Yes, you can trust our online performance course to educate you on this topic. This course will help you understand the testing process and the various tools used in this process.

Please tell me the different protocols used in performance testing process this course talks about
This course talks about four main protocols in details. They include web services, web structure, Ajax and SAP.

Does this course talk about how to analyze results?
Yes it does. This course is all about analyzing results. You will learn how to analyze given information and determine the performance of the given system.

Give me one reason why I should choose you?
Our institution has been offering online courses for many years. As a result, we know what our students want.Secondly; we have invested a lot of money in the latest technology to ensure our students have an easy time learning this course.

Does this course explain the relationship between load runner and the performance testing process?
Yes it does. There is a chapter that explains talks about load runner. We will look at introduction to load runner and the various terminologies used.

How trusted are your payment methods? I have lost money many times trying to pay for online courses?
All our payment methods have been tested and tried. You won’t lose your money. We advise you to contact us before making any payments for directions and guidelines.

How much should I pay to be trained on how to handle examinations?
Thank you for asking this important question. The fee for preparing you for examination is included in your fees.

How long will my certificate be valid?
There is no limit on the how long our certificate will be valid. It will serve you for a long period. You can include it in your CV.This certificate is internationally recognized.

What will happen if I fail my examination?
You will have to resit for the examination and pass it. Our course instructors will ensure you pass your examination.

How long does the online performance course take?
It all depends on the timetable you choose. Contact us for more information.

I used to hire professional experts to come and check the effectiveness and the speed of the computer, software programs or devices. This course has equipped me with skills that have helped me analyze the performance of the selected system.

I used to think this course is specialized for software experts until you gave me the course outline. I realized this course is structured for anyone. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn this course.

I was really worried I would miss out a lot as I had not attended sessions for three days. I was really impressed your course instructor gave me recorded sessions to go through and ask for clarification where information isn’t clear.

I really appreciate your efforts to train your employees. The performance of my business has drastically improved. I will contact you for a new course I would like you to train my employees. I have full confidence in you

You have hired the best employees who have vast knowledge on the performance testing topic. They can comfortably answer a question relating to this course. They are also very friendly. Keep up the good work.