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Course Brief

The recent popularity of the IT marketing is at high. And what better way to capture the market than to have a considerable amount of knowledge in node.js? Our Node.js online training course is designed with the excellence of turning a beginner into a pro. Our Node.js online training institute in Hyderabad provides a complete in-depth detail of all the things that you need to complete a good chrome extension.

What we offer:

Our node.js online training course is designed for beginners and practically anyone who wants to learn. During the session, you will understand the basics of programming, a flourished skill of JAVA and other utility software, a complete experience of basic graphics designing and finally, a reputed certification to make you a professional. Our Node.js online training is one of the best Node.js training institutes in Hyderabad. The course is an audio-visual based online training course that will provide you with the particular basics you need to get started as a Node.js designer.

Below are the salient features that you need to know before you enroll. You will have a good idea about the aftermath of the course.

  1.    A complete interacted Node.js online training in Hyderabad for the local residents.
  2.    Certification of the candidate after the completion of the Node.js online training course.
  3.    Basics and elementary logics on Java and the implementation of the knowledge in the practical field.
  4.    Professional projects to help you build the logical analysis capabilities of a person during designing.
  5.    30 sessions of the course with a complete audio-visual online training feature.
  6.    Node.js online course training for beginners and a complete support during the continuation of the course.
  7.    Angular.js elementary knowledge and a complete way to combine them together.
  8.    Using creativity and innovation during designing to increase the flexibility of the design.
  9.    Node.js online training and support for anyone even after the completion of the course.
  10.     Additional support for the candidate if the candidate is having a hard time making into the online course.

Intro to Node.js

  • An overview of Node.js
  • Blocking vs. non-blocking code
  • Reading files
  • Issuing requests


  • Event emitters
  • Event requests
  • Event listening


  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Piping
  • Solving backpressure


  • Exporting
  • Npm installing
  • Dependencies
  • Semantic versioning


  • Routes
  • Rendering
  • Layouts
  • Url building
  • Express servers

  • Listening for
  • Broadcasting
  • Answering questions
  • Saving client data

Persisting Data

  • Redis
  • Working with lists
  • Persisting
  • Emitting
  • Limiting questions

Below is a list of the most popular FAQs that you need to know. Try asking one if you have an additional in mind.

What is the duration of the course?
There is not a definite time period of the course as every candidate has a different intellect. But as for the official duration of the course, there will be 30 sessions overall.  Each session will be delivered on a regular basis.

Is the timing of the course flexible?
This is one of the best features of our training. We understand that people today are very busy and multitasking. So, we have designed the courses in a way that everyone, no matter what they are doing can take the course. We will have a class in the morning and the same in the evening as well. The working community people can make arrangements anyway they wish. We want them to explore the corners of their own convenience.

What if, I miss a session?
If you ever miss a session, you will have the opportunity to re-attain the class in a similar way. The only difference that you may face is that it will be a pre-recorded video rather than a live session. But even that will not be an issue. If you have any doubts regarding the session, you always have our helpline number or the chat option to consult with one of our experts.

What are the flexibilities of the fee structure?
The fee structure depends on the fact of your enrollment. If you are single, there will not be much of a difference. But if you are getting enrolled in a group, then you may end up having a big discount. But the entire discount is actually divided in slabs. Talk to our customer care executive or have a chat with them to get a better idea on this matter.

What if I have difficulties in understanding?
If you are having difficulties than we will make sure that you are approached from an easier point of view. If you still have issues then we will personally conduct with you to help you out with your sessions. We will make sure that your money is not wasted and you get what you have enrolled for. In case you have a confusion regarding the course and you want to terminate the course, we will refund you the money after the registration charges are deducted.

Do I get a certificate?
Yes, you do. As a matter of fact, your certificate will show everything that you need to make someone believe that you are a professional. In that certificate, your Node.js online training will be highlighted and the Institute will also be mentioned in case the person sitting next to you wants to know the place of your certification. The certificate will be provided with a complete declaration and will have complete authenticity with all the legitimate things mentioned.

What are the modes of the payment?
We have categorized the payment section depending on the preference and locality of the candidate. At this moment, we have the particular below listed options as our active payment methods:

  •    Debit card (Visa, RuPay and Master Card): For Indian users only.
  •    Credit card: For everyone
  •    Paytm: For Indian users only
  •    PayPal: For everyone
  •    NEFT: For Indian Users only
  •    American Express: For Abroad applicants
  •    Diner’s card: For Abroad applicants
  1.    Is there any category division of the course?

As a matter of fact, there is. Due to the fact that we are a Hyderabad-based institute, we have categorized the entire procedure in two substantial parts.
Node.js online training in Hyderabad: This Node.js online course training is designed to comfort the local candidates who reside in Hyderabad and surrounding areas. The course will be the same, that is, we will conduct online training. The only difference is that they can approach us personally and we can help them up close and personal.

Node.js online training: The Node.js online training is for those people who are living outside of India or at least Hyderabad. They can approach us but to be honest, it will be a little tough for them to do so. Although the quality of our teaching will not be bisected, it is just the local residents will be a little benefited than the rest of the candidates.

Are there any additional charges?
There are no additional charges. The quoted amount is the ultimatum from us and there are no hidden charges whatsoever. Even the charges for the local residents and the rest of the globalized candidates are also the same. It is just the extra benefit that they have.

What about the faculty group?
Every faculty in our group is a trained professional with a considerable experience of more than 10 years or so. They have experience in matters of teaching and designing both. They will provide you with the best possible features that you need to know and are welcomed in your course.

The below mentioned reviews are from some of the happy certified people who were part of us. Check them out to know the potential delicacy of our team.

  1.    When I enrolled for this course, I was completely unaware of everything. All I had was a little skill on JAVA and a will to learn. The people here has shaped that will and turned it a fully certified training. Now I am actually working for a firm and have a fairly handsome salary – Chandrika, USA
  2.    The approach from their side is a bit unorthodox but that is because I was a slow learner. At the end of the course, I was learned enough to design and that has helped me get a promotion in my firm. I still consult them and they respond like they used to when I was a trainee. Superior conduct and best support team I have ever encountered – Naren, Hyderabad
  3.    They are fairly good and as a teacher, they have a very good team. It was a god journey with them and now I am opting for Android app development. I am going to experience their teaching once again. And I hope that they will provide me with the same response that they have provided once – Subhash, California
  4.    I was at doubt when I started initially. But as the session continued, I understood that they have a very good conduct and teaching skill. I am now happy and have no regret choosing them for my course – Nalini, Singapore
  5.    The only way to know how good they are is to enroll yourself. You will have good enough experience and that I guarantee. But then again, why not have your own personal opinion on this? From my side, it’s a 10 out of 10 rating – Laxman, Hyderabad