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Course Brief

Android is the most preferred operating system when it comes to cell phone criteria. With the great establishment and superb improvement forwarded in a ritualistic continuous way, android online training is, no doubt the best if you are looking for something with a whole lot of amazement to explore. It is also worth mentioning that when the marketing of a newly inhabited website or portal is concerned, Android is the very point of concern as an app building platform. There are also contributing witnesses in the market where you can actually find product marketing merged with the very concept of android app development. But that is the tip of the iceberg yet. Starting from social media to discreet conversational services, you are most likely to find many sustained units of Android, swimming there with pride.

What about the development part? If you are asked to develop an android app on the basis of certain protocols, can you apprehend the project with maximum expertise? The answer is most likely to be no. But what if there be an android online training course where you can have a full-time mentor-ship from the best there is in the business? For things to happen in such way, we have developed the android online training course for android app development. This course not only features the basics of designing but also the very logic statements that a person must have during the innovative part of the algorithm.

What we offer:

Our main objective is not to make a developer who has to rely on others at the end of the day. Rather, we promise to deliver self-sufficiency that you will have after the completion of your course. You will have your own name, your own edition of media and any kind of specifications that you wish to deliver. You will be capable enough to produce your own app in the play store and any other contributing websites. Who knows, maybe there is a set of eyes just waiting for your innovation to come alive with your designs that can make you a huge deal of name, fame, and money.

Before you opt for our android online training course, we would like you to give you a complete and detailed analysis of the entire scene. The features that are necessary for you to accomplish and us to learn are mentioned below. We hope you understand them and have an interest nonetheless.

  1. The basic intellectual capabilities to actually design the android framework of the app you want to design.
  2. A complete understanding of graphical illustration and the usage of graphics production software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
  3. A complete understanding and step by step tutorial of layout designing, widget customization, and inclusion. The understanding of preferences that will turn your design from black and white to colourful with XML being the core. The format will be equivalent and similar to HTML so you need not to fret.
  4. The complete understanding of business logic and the proper way application to avoid any data leak whatsoever.
  5. Component manoeuvring over features and complete control of the Gmail app sync after the app is authenticated.
  6. To use the camera and other contributing features that may help you create a successful multi-tasking piece with complete control and less hovering.
  7. The complete understanding of designs and features like notifying the bearer if something like the download of a file is interrupted due to some unavoidable circumstances.
  8. Complete control and systematic understanding of the synchronization. There must not be any disturbances related to systematic procedures.
  9. Inclusion and interpretational use of advanced APIs like Google Maps, Cloud Messaging, Social networking media etc.
  10. A complete understanding of all the features in a unique way that matches your perspective of understanding.
  11. An overview of Web Services to pull and push the data to the database servers.

PART – 1 ( Core Android )

Introduction to Android Online Training

  • Android Apps – Design, Vendor, Behavioural classification
  • Android Architecture

Android project

  • Android Application prototype
  • Discussion about the project interfaces and workflow
  • Real-time scenarios and requirements

Your Android Application

  • Using PhotoShop for graphic designing

” As an android application developer, if you also learn how to design the icons and graphics you can do magic with your apps. Learning icon designing will not make you wait for a UI developer or a Graphic Designer “

  • Android Application screens

” We will ask for your choice to give us an application to develop during the course duration or our trainer will be giving you the project overview which will be developed till the end of the course “

Setup of Android Development environment

  • Java, Android SDK installation
  • Android SDK & Tools

Test environment

  • Device Definitions & Android Virtual Devices
  • Active devices ( USB debugging )

Your First Android Application

  • Creating android application/project
  • Creating configurations
  • Testing the app: AVD, Active device

Android project structure

  • Android Project Structure
  • Android Resources

” Every application once installed on your device, you will start it by clicking on the image/icon which is drawable. You install WHATSAPP, you will get the icon on the launcher pad of your device”

  • Android Manifest file
  • Gradle build

Views and Layouts

  • About XML – approach to design layouts
  • Views and Layouts
  • Views – Toast, AutoCompleteTextView, DatePicker, TimePicker, ProgressBar
  • Linear Layout vs. Relative Layout vs. Frame Layout vs. Absolute Layout
  • Best practices for targeting various form factors: phone, tablet, TV

“Screen performance will be the reason for the largest power drain on users phone and the screen will be the primary interface for your app. UI should be optimized for better performance”


  • Activity lifecycle and callback methods
  • Registering activities

Android Debugging Tools

  • Dalvik Debug Monitor Server ( DDMS )
  • Hierarchy Viewer
  • Obfuscating and optimizing with ProGuard

Publishing to the Play Store

  • Release process & Release build of Android application
  • Signing the .apk file, Preparing the Store Listing page
  • Distributing the application on Play Store

” You can place your APP on your website, but Play Store is a platform which can market your application across all the compatible devices running with the Android Platform “


  • Designing fragments

“Every time you need not write the components from the beginning. Build reusable modular components”

  • Fragments lifecycle, Fragment management and interaction

Advanced UI

  • Adapters – BaseAdapter, ListAdapter, CursorAdapter, Customized Adapter
  • Custom UI components – ListView, GridView
  • Menus – Context Menu, Options Menu, Popup Menu
  • Dialogs – Alert Dialog, Progress Dialog, Customized Dialogs
  • Animations – Property Animations, Drawable Animations

“Use animations in a sensitive way having a balance between UI & battery performance”

Android Material Design

  • What is the material?
  • Material properties
  • Material Styling / Animations

” Material design is a comprehensive guide for visual, motion, and interaction design across platforms and devices. Android now includes support for material design apps “

  • Material Patterns – Floating Action Buttons, Card Views, Navigation Drawer


  • Working with Intents
  • Explicit and implicit intents

“When you open an application you will not be on the same first page. Use Intents to go to Inbox page of your GMAIL app when you click the Login button “

  • Using Intents as messaging objects
  • Intents to start components expecting results

Broadcast Receivers

  • Broadcast receiver usage patterns: when and why to use them
  • Implementing a broadcast receiver

“To listen to the different events happening on the device like network changes, battery status changes, telephony state changes, you need to have a registered receiver.  Your AUTOMATIC CALL RECORDER application will listen to telephony events”

  • Registering a broadcast receiver via the manifest file
  • Registering a broadcast receiver programmatically

Threads in Android

  • Android Application Threads
  • UI Thread, Binder Thread, Background Threads

Background Services

  • Overview of Android services
  • Service lifecycle, Declaring a service

“If you are uploading your profile picture on your FACEBOOK application, you should not block the user until the photo is uploaded. Run it in a background service.  “

  • Registering a service, starting and stopping a service


Storing and retrieving data

  • Storage Model selection criteria

“Every piece of data cannot be sent to the remote server. For easy access files can be saved offline on the device. 

WHATSAPP app will allow to watch the videos and listen to the audio files even if you are connected to Internet once you have downloaded the content. “

  • Shared preferences, Internal Storage – Files, External Storage – SD Card
  • Testing the created files, tools

SQLite Database                                     

  • Introducing SQLite
  • SQLiteOpenHelper and creating a database
  • Opening and closing a database

“PHONEBOOK application will have organized set of contacts in the form of records and fields”

  • Working with cursors, loaders and adapters
  • Inserts, updates, and deletes

Native Content Providers

  • Content provider types, Searching for content
  • Adding, changing, and removing content
  • Native Android Content Providers

“Access the PHONEBOOK application data from your application to send an SMS or to make a call or send an email. Share your non-sensitive data with other apps”

  • Accessing Contacts API

Publishing Web Services

  • Understanding Web Services
  • Web Services Architecture
  • Building Server side components
  • Publishing web services
  • REST based web services

Consuming Web Services

  • Integrating Web Services with mobile client

“Your phone offline storage will not support to save every type of content. RED BUS app will pass on the data to their servers using web services and get the data whenever your apps requires the bus schedules.”

  • Overview of networking
  • Checking the network status
  • Checking the web service status
  • Working with HTTP to access the web services

Parsing, Parsers

  • Document Object Model ( DOM )
  • Simple API for XML ( SAX )
  • JavaScript Object Notation ( JSON )
  • Parsing XML and JSON

Location Based Services

  • Using Location Manager, Location Provider
  • GPS and Network based tracking

“Get your exact locations using GPS and approximate locations using NETWORK. Let us work out on how to do live tracking of the device. UBER or OLA apps will function on the live tracking of the cabs”

  • Testing the application using KML files
  • Simulation of the locations on the active device
  • Location Listeners and Proximity Alerts

Integrating Google Maps                               

  • API Version 2 of Google Maps

“Addresses will be best understood visually using Maps. Place your photos on the Map to identify where you are placed.”

  • User Interface – Map Fragments, API key generation
  • Adding Markers, Circles, Polylines
  • Customizing the Information Window
  • Google Maps Intents
  • Google Maps Directions API

“You cannot build a database of all the places in the world. You have the data ready to access using Google Places. MAPS application will give you suggestions from this. “


  • SMS manager
  • Working with messaging – single & multi-part

“TRUECALLER  app will tracking the incoming calls and it will do a search process for the name. “

Multimedia in Android                     

  • Playing Audio & Video

“HOTSTAR app will be live telecasting the cricket matches and it is an android application”

  • Voice Recognition
  • Text To Speech

Camera API

  • SurfaceView
  • Customizing Camera & Capturing Photos

“SELFIE apps will access the front-facing camera of the device”


  • Controlling local Bluetooth device
  • Discovering and bonding with Bluetooth devices

Social Networking Integrations                

  • Facebook

“PINTEREST app will allow the users to login and access the services using your Facebook credentials”

  • Google Plus

Firebase / Google Cloud Messaging (FCM)

  • Notification API
  • Push Notifications using GCM

“FLIPKART OR AMAZON apps will send notifications whenever they are have offers or sale dates. It is called a PUSH NOTIFICATION”

  • Write the Android client applications
  • Target specific groups or topics.

While undertaking online android training course, students are often faced with difficulties and queries. For that not to happen, here is a list of the most frequently asked questions of all time related to this matter.

  1. What is the required JAVA programming level of knowledge if someone is interested in taking this course?

Ans: You actually don’t really need to be a JAVA wizard to get started. But to be honest, there are some elementary things that are a must if you want to enroll. Our team will suggest you the necessary details and help you brush up the old and rusted topics a little. It is advised to have a prior grip on elementary topics like Exceptions, OOPS, Methods, Class, thread, Callback Methods etc.

  1. Is there any brief about the trainer?

Ans: The trainer or the team of trainers is most likely to be the top of the class when it comes to experience. People would likely to understand the amount of potential they have from the primary interaction itself. The trainers are ranging from 12 to 15 years of experience with hundreds of apps and students as part of their portfolio.

  1. What is the precise duration of the course?

Ans: The precise duration of the course’s termination is a little hard to comprehend. The reason to that depends on many contributing factors. Among those factors, the most important are the perspective and intellectual integrity of a trainee. If there be a dunce, we actually have to provide him with more time and effort in order to make him sight the very essentials of the course. But for a record, the andriod online training course is legitimate of 40 sessions with a duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes of each session.

  1. What is best-suited timing for this course?

Ans: The answer to this question entirely depends on the trainee. The basic timing will be from 5 AM- 8 AM and 9PM-11pm as we don’t want to jeopardize the priority f their everyday schedule. There will also be weekend classes for working professionals.

  1. What will be the case if someone misses a session?

Ans: In that case, he can easily access the recording of the session the next day after the login is done.

  1. When will the development begin?

Ans: The development of the app will begin after the first week to provide the candidates with a theoretical as well as a practical knowledge of the subject.

  1. What are the basic requirements for the development?

Ans: A good PC to start with, a RAM of 4-8 GB, an i3 or above processor (equivalent in AMD) and a good graphics support if you want to develop high-end gaming apps.

  1. What are the resume support features?

Ans: Android is the field where you can actually expect an extraordinary support from us. We will partly take interviews of both JAVA and Android. At the end of the session, you will be perfect enough to create your own resume.

  1. What if someone is having difficulties?

Ans We will make sure that they don’t. but even after they have a lot of difficulties, we will take extra care of them and make them understand things according to the level of understanding of the person.

  1. Is the Android online course worth it?

Ans: The answer to that is in your own hand. In the entire day, you use Whatsapp, FB Messenger, Youtube, UC browser and much more. To start with, what are they? Maybe there is a possibility that the next best app may come from your hand. All you need to do is to put your innovation into other’s hand.

Yes. You can take the certification examination from Google to gain traction when you expose yourself to the employers. You can promote yourself as a freelancer to work on a multitude of projects. Associate Android Developer Certification helps to prove your competitiveness. You can register on this link to take the exam.

This is the section where you get to know the efficiency of our services. From our collection of thousands of reviews, here are the top 5 that matters.

Slow and steady wins the race. That should be their tagline. The people here are very gentle and they take extra good care of their trainees. The extra help is very much appreciable. I and my entire team are very happy and satisfied with their services. – Saikat Dam, Kolkata.

Online courses are a bluff, at least that’s what I have heard. They actually change the entire concept. It is like having a group of people teaching you to go to school again. A very good experience. Thank you. – Ramesh Rathod, Uttar Pradesh.

Helpful and efficient. I was a coder and now I am an android app developer. I am earning well as a freelancer and soon to start a new firm of my own all thanks to them. – Manpreet Singh Saini, Delhi.

I would recommend you to take their services for their commitment and upliftment when you lose hope on your own. They are motivating and they know how to treat each and everyone individually. A rare trait to be found nowadays –Harjeet Kaur, Chandigarh

I have launched my first app in the Google play store a week ago and I am very happy. Although there is still to have some response at least it is there. It is an achievement in it itself and all thanks to them. Gautam Roy, Kolkata


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