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Course Brief

We are one of the few Microsoft Azure online training courses in Hyderabad that offer this course. Before getting into details, let us understand a few things about azure. Azure is a cloud computing program that was created by Microsoft. This program is mostly used to build, manage and deploy services and applications through various data managed centers.

Our Microsoft Azure online training offers a wide knowledge on the various cloud services ranging from storage, analytics, computing and networking among others. Our Microsoft Azure online training classes are uniquely structured to help people choose the services to develop new applications or run existing ones in public clouds.

This course will also equip you with skills on how to develop and manage, mobile, web and your line of business applications. Our Microsoft Azure online training courses also teach people on how to manage accounts access and user identify. A person can gain this and many more by enrolling for this course. Contact us today and stand out from your fellow competitors.

Our Azure certification training course covers the following topic:

  • The skills people studying this course will acquire at the end of our Microsoft Azure course.
  • We will look at what azure is all about and what it comprises of and what is its function. We will also look at how to implement Microsoft azure infrastructure solutions.
  • An introduction to the cloud services. We will look at its concept, what it offers and how it can be used.
  • Step by step guidelines on how to integrate on premises core infrastructure and identity infrastructure with Microsoft Azure.
  • Tips on how to identify and solve problems that might arise in your programs developed using Azure solutions.
  • How to design and develop your desired program using Azure and run them using public clouds.
  • How to know which program to design for your business
  • Understand the configuration and the service definition of Microsoft Azure.
  • Understand the Azure development flow. This topic is clearly elaborated that anyone can understand what is being relayed upon.
  • Understand how this course can help transform your business

Getting Started with Windows Azure

  • Cloud Computing – an overview
  •  Benefits of Cloud Computing
  •  Service models of Cloud Computing
  • Deployment models in Cloud Computing

Publishing Azure Solutions

  • Azure management portal
  • Creating Cloud solution
  •  Web Role
  • Worker Role

Windows Azure Websites

  • Azure websites Vs Cloud services
  •  Creating a website using gallery
  •  Publishing ASP .NET website to Windows Azure website using FTP
  •  Using WebMatrix

Windows Azure Service Bus

  • Service Bus Basics
  • Hosting WCF service in Azure
  • Relayed Messaging
  • Service Bus Queues

Windows Azure Bus

  • Tables
  • Queues

Windows Azure SQL Database

  •  Introduction
  • SQL Azure architecture
  • Provisioning a database
  • Adding ASP .NET provider support
  • Migrating data to SQL Azure
  •  Windows Azure Caching

Access Control Service

  • Introduction to Identity
  • Windows Azure Access Control Service Fundamentals
  • Integrating with ASP. NET

Windows Azure Features

  • Windows Azure platform
  •  Various features of Windows Azure
  • Concepts of Windows Azure

Azure Media Services

  • Microsoft media platform
  • Build workflows for the creation, management and distribution of media
  • Introduction to Identity and fundamentals of ACS
  • Integration with ASP.NET
  • Windows Azure ACS integration with ADFS

Access Control Service

  • Introduction to Identity and fundamentals of ACS
  • Integration with ASP.NET
  • Windows Azure ACS integration with ADFS

Do you talk about what is Microsoft Azure and what it comprises of ?
Thank you for your question. Yes, our course is structured in a way it makes you understand what Azure is all about and what it comprises of. We have an entire chapter that talks about this area.

Does this course talk about how to integrate on premises core infrastructure ?
The Microsoft Azure course is complete and it covers most aspects of Azure. We have set aside an entire chapter that talks on how to integrate on premises and identity infrastructure using Microsoft Azure.

Why should I choose you for this course ?
We have many years of experience when it comes to offering online courses, including Microsoft Azure.Secondly; our course is designed in a manner everyone can understand what is being conveyed.

Can I combine other similar courses with the Microsoft Azure ?
It all depends on your plans. We offer some courses that go hand in hand with our current course, Microsoft Azure. It is also important to understand this is a complete course. It is well detailed.

Is your certificate recognized ?
Thank you for asking this important question.Yes, our certificates are globally recognized. We have met all the required standards set.Secondly; we have acquired all the necessary licenses that allow us to operate. They are always up to date.

Do I have to renew my certificate with you after a specific period ?
No.Your certificate will be valid for a long period. Feel free to use it anywhere you wish. You can mention us in your reference for confirmation you were once our student.

What happens if I miss a class ?
You can always organize for a makeup class with your course instructor.Alternatively; you can request a copy of the recorded class you go through it.

How long will it take for me to design an Azure application and run it on public cloud ?
There is no specific answer to this question. It depends on a person’s understanding capacity. Our instructions are easy to understand.

How much should I pay in order to start your online course ?
It will be better if you pay the entire fees. You can come to the office we discuss if you are planning to pay in installments.

When immediately can I commence class ?
You can start class anytime a quorum has been attained. Register with us today to start with the next lot of students.

Here are some of the reviews we have received from students who enrolled for our Azure live online training course:

I was spending a lot of money hiring experts to design applications for me or run them using public clouds. The Microsoft Azure online training course has impacted me with enough knowledge to create and manage my various applications. Venktesh prasad

I was really worried about the examination. I was almost on the verge of dropping out of this course until I heard you prepare students for examinations. This really helped me a lot as I sat for my exams and passed. Thank you so much. Jairus kersey

It has been my dream to create an application on my own. I heard about this course from a friend. I enrolled to see if my dream would come to a reality. I read a chapter that directs people on how to develop applications. Thank you for making my dream a reality.Elena Clark

I was really worried that my business was slowly collapsing. This is because my main competitors were ahead of me. I enrolled for this course as a last resort. This course taught me valuable things that made me effectively compete with my fellow competitors. Mohit gupta

Please develop more of these courses. Microsoft Azure online training course helped me land a perfect job. I went for an interview and this course made me stand out from my fellow competitors. I would like to thank you for offering this course and encourage others to enroll. Amanpreet singh