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Course Brief

Testing is one of the steps to deliver an error-free software application. That is why the enthusiastic software developers try to achieve special skills with software testing courses online certification. You know that you can test software with an automated and manual process.

However, we have designed our course module for the Top Manual Testing Tools Online Training. You will be able to know the fundamentals of manual testing. Our trainers apply the best technique to help you in learning manual testing processes. Thus, for software testing courses online certification, you can rely on our institute. You will become familiar with various Test Management and Defect Management Tools.

Most of the applicants try to know whether they are the right candidates for the course. While you have a dream of working in a reputed IT company, you can choose this course. The present IT professionals also think of knowing more of the software testing process. We also welcome them to register with this training course.


  •         The trainers introduce you to the software testing process, including its importance and principles. You will be able to learn how automation differs from the manual testing process.
  •         You will also know about various steps for the software development process.
  •         The trainers instruct you on the methodologies, used for testing the software application.
  •         The course includes information in various Test Cases to know testing optimally.
  •         You will learn about various testing levels, including the functional and non-functional ones.
  •         The module also includes information on the standards of Test quality. CMM and ISO are common quality standards, and you will know about them.
  •         Manual Testing Online Training session comprises Test Management details, including the audit, review, control and monitoring.
  •         You will also know the way of dealing with the Test Report. The trainers will tell you about the data, present in this report. They will also give you tips on creating this report.
  •         Test Matrices is another part of the course, and it comprises Metrics formulas and types
  •         You will acquire the skills for detecting the faults, bugs and the status of the software. The Manual Testing Tutorial will help you to know all the concepts and terms, related to software development and testing.

While undertaking online android training course, students are often faced with difficulties and queries. For that not to happen, here is a list of the most frequently asked questions of all time related to this matter.

Q)Manual testing- What does this process indicate?

        A)This is a software testing process, for which the testers deal with the test cases manually. They do not use any type of automation tools.

Q)How will the trainers train us on manual testing?

        A)We have chosen an online platform for this training session. You will easily be able to interact with the trainer.

Q)Why should we choose the course?

        A)By learning the manual testing process, you will be able to make out the errors and bugs, present in the software application. Every software professional must learn it.

Q)Is it easy to learn the concepts??

        A)While you know everything about software development, you may easily make out the testing process.

Q)How much should I pay for the course?

        A)To set your course fee, we focus on two factors- study mode and course structure. You may speak to our team to know about the fee.

Q)Who are the trainers for this course?

        A)We have employed the best software professionals for Manual Testing Certification Training. They know the right technique of training a learner of any type.

Q)What do I learn from the manual testing course?

        A)By enrolling your name in the course, you will be able to know everything about the software testing process.

Q)Do you offer study materials?

        A)As it is a Manual Testing Online Tutorial, we will send you the soft copy of your study materials. You will get much benefit from it.

Q)What is your demo session?

        A)From our demo videos, you will be able to learn how our trainers train you on the chosen topic. While you are pleased with this demo, you may register with us for the certification course.

Q)Is there any potential to get a job by undergoing this course?

        A)In India, USA and various other countries, the companies are looking for software testing professionals. You will surely be able to secure a lucrative job for your future.

This is the section where you get to know the efficiency of our services. From our collection of thousands of reviews, here are the top 4 that matters.

Got 100 % value from my investment on the course. I had a chance of interacting with a very professional and friendly trainer. I had learned everything about software testing. This course has increased my knowledge of software-related tests. – Raveendra Kumar, Visakhapatnam

I have learned software development from a different institute. However, I have no confidence in the process of testing software applications. After having the training course at this institute, I can test software as a professional. Every moment that I have spent with your trainer is valuable to me. – Ravi Prakash, Delhi.

I was once a student of Manual Testing course. It was the first time I have undergone an online course. Initially, I was not reliant on this training mode. However, from your training sessions, I have now started thinking positive on the online courses. – Shweta Pandey, Lucknow.

I have learned everything, related to Manual Testing Concepts. Your trainers are highly dedicated, and they have helped me in the best way. Thanks for your assistance to become a software professional. – Ananya, Hyderabad.