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Course Brief

Register for our load runner online training course today and understand everything about load runner. Load runner is common software used to test applications, monitor their progress and learn how to improve the performance of the selected application.

Our online load runner training course is structured to help companies and business persons meet and tackle all the challenges facing their respective technologies and applications. Load runner works by generating messages between two or more programs that have interacted. The information a person generates from an application plays a vital role on the decision that will be made.

We are one of the few institutions that offer load runner online training in Hyderabad to anyone. Our course is designed in a manner that anyone can enroll and understand what is being conveyed.

This course can help transform your institution. This is one reason you should enroll for the load runner online training course.

  • We will start off by looking at looking at load runner. We will look in details the load runner architecture
  • Understand the software and hardware needed to install load runner. We will also look at step by step guidelines on how to install load runner components.
  • We will look at different topics related to data update modes. This ranges from each iteration, each occurrence and once among others.
  • Look at the various data assignment methods. They range from unique, random and sequential among others.
  • Introduction to transactions. We will look at what they are, what is their purpose and step by step guidelines on how to insert transactions in various scripts.
  • Look at content check. We will understand what they are and why they are important.
  • Step by step guidelines on how to build your own content checks. We will also look at how to use them.
  • We will define Vugen and look at the role it plays in a load runner software
  • We will at the various modes of recording and guidelines on how to choose the right protocol.
  • Understand the different types of protocol load runner supports.

Architecture Basics:

  • What is Architecture
  • The importance of Architecture for performance testing.
  • Understanding servers
  • Web/ APP/ DB Servers and their purpose
  • What is Protocol
  • Different types of protocols and understanding HTTP protocol.
  • Different types of Architectures
  • 2- Tier, 3- tier, n- tier architecture.
  • Static Content, Dynamic Content

Introduction to Performance Testing:

  • What is Testing – Functional Testing and non-Functional Testing?
  • What is Performance Testing?
  • Why Performance Testing?
  • Common Performance problems
  • Performance Testing process.
  • Performance Testing phases / Life Cycle
  • Performance testing tools
  • Benefits of Performance Testing
  • Types of Performance Testing (Load, Stress, Volume, Endurance & Scalability)
  • Identifying the business scenarios for Performance Testing
  • Think time, rendezvous point, IP Spoofing
  • Workload Modeling

NFR gathering:

  • What are Non- Functional requirements
  • Different types of Requirements – Product requirements & Process requirements.
  • Deriving NFRs
  • NFRs Verifiability.
  • Performance testing requirements analysis.
  • Collect performance requirements data
    • Infrastructure Data
    • Growth Data
    • Transaction Data
    • Workload pattern Data
    • Quality of Service (QoS) Data
    • Data retention Information.

Introduction to LoadRunner

  • What is LoadRunner?
  • Why LoadRunner?
  • LoadRunner Components
  • LoadRunner Protocols
  • Protocol Advisor
  • LoadRunner Architecture
  • How LoadRunner works?
  • Load Test Process


  • What is Vugen?
  • Why Vugen?
  • Vugen Workflow
  • Vugen Recording options


  • What is Correlation?
  • Why Correlation?
  • Web_reg_save_param() function
  • Web_reg_save_param() function with regular expression
  • How to identify which values to correlate
  • Correlation Rules


  • What are checkpoints?
  • Types of checkpoints?


  • What are Transactions?
  • Why Transactions?
  • Syntax with example
  • Nested Transactions with syntax and example
  • Transaction naming standards

Comments in the script:

  • Why use comments in the scripts?
  • How to insert comments in the scripts?

Vugen Logs

  • Vugen logs
  • Recorded log
  • Replay log
  • Compilation errors
  • Runtime Data

Script Structure:

  • Script Structure
  • Multiple action files
  • Script Rules


  • What is Parameterization?
  • Why Parameterization?
  • Objectives of Parameterization
  • Parameter types
  • Simulate Parameters
  • Parameter Properties
  • Parameter combinations

Basic C functions and LR functions

  • atoi()
  • itoa()
  • lr_eval_string()
  • lr_save_string()
  • lr_save_int()

RunTime Settings

  • Run Logic
  • Pacing
  • Log
  • Think Time
  • Speed Simulation
  • Browser Emulation
  • Proxy
  • Blocks – Multiple Actions
  • Think time vs Pacing

Script covering all topics

  • Web Tours application script which covers all the above topics.
  • Advanced scripts covering following topics
    • Using correlated parameters as an array.
    • Randomly picking values from drop-down list
  • How to create a File to store data?


  • What is Controller?
  • Different kind of Scenario’s (Basic Schedule, Real World Schedule, by group, by scenario)
  • Scenarios Creation.
  • Adding Load Generators and verifying the connectivity
  • Load Generators, Calculating the # of LGs for a load test.
  • Run Time settings
  • Executing the tests
  • Post-execution activity
  • Monitoring servers through controller
  • Windows resources.


  • What is Analyzer?
  • Auto Load Analysis
  • Session Explorer
  • 90thPercentile
  • Analyzer Graphs
  • Analyzer Reports
  • Drill-down
  • Granularity
  • Auto Correlate
  • Cross Results
  • Merge Graphs
  • Web Page Diagnostics

Performance Bottleneck Analysis

  • What are Bottlenecks?
  • Sources of data
    • Traces
    • Counters
  • Load Testing tool data
  • Typical Parameters monitored for Bottleneck analysis
  • Bottleneck Analysis – Some Heuristics
  • Performance Tuning – A Sample Case Study

Please tell me how many data assignment methods does the load runner online course talk about?
There is a chapter that talks about data assignment methods. They range from sequential, unique and random among others. Please enroll today in our course. This course is well detailed.

I would like to know what transactions are and the role they play in applications
The load runner online course will help you understand the above statement. This course is well detailed in that you will clearly understand all various details about transactions.

Do I need to have any knowledge of programming language in order to understand the load runner online course?
Having background knowledge in C programming language is an added advantage.Anyway; the course instructor will guide you through this course. You don’t need to be familiar with this programming language.

What are the requirements needed to install load runner?
You need to have a 2GB RAM to install this software. Please contact us for more information regarding this procedure.

Is it possible to attend a demonstration session the load runner course?
Unfortunately no. We have limited positions on our live sessions. We only provide samples of our recorded sessions.

Do you offer discounts for corporate training or group training?
Thank you for asking this important question. We offer discounts for corporate training. We would like to discuss this information one on one. Kindly contact us for detailed information regarding this question.

Which payment methods does your institution accept?
We have around five payment methods we accept. They range from visa credit/debit card, master card and PayPal among others. All our payment methods are safe and secure.

Can I get a refund after quitting the course after paying my fees without attending any class?
Yes you can. You need to inform us of your decision on time so that we start the process of organizing your refund. The earlier, the better.

When can I gain access to the learning materials?
You will be able to access learning materials immediately you pay the entire fees. Please contact us for more information.

How will this course help my business?
This course will equip you with skills to help you analyze your various applications and come up with accurate findings.

Here are some reviews we have received from students who enrolled in our HP load runner online training:

I had the best learning experience. I really enjoyed learning this course with you guys. You have the best technology that makes learning efficient.Secondly; you have professional course instructors who made easy for me to understand this course – Ramesh, USA

I was really financially struggling. You guys understood my situation and bent your rules as far as payment is concerned. I thank you for accepting my small payment and allowed me to pay in installments. May God bless you guys – Sudarshan, Texas

I commend you guys for redesigning your course in a way anyone can understand what is being conveyed, including the non programmers. I thought I would have difficulties understanding this course, until is saw your course outline – Srikanth, Hyderabad

I am so grateful for responding to my request and training my employees. They are so happy you taught them well in that they grasped everything you taught them. I was happy by your affordable rates you offer. Keep up the good work – Arpita, Bangalore

I was shocked that this online course is internationally recognized. It has really helped me get a promotion. I went for an interview and this course made outshine my fellow competitors in terms of qualification – Vamsi Mohan, Kolkata