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Course Brief

Now get certified in the iOS application development areas, with our proficient iOS Online Training courses, from Learn The New. We have a proficient online workshop, designed for both the novices ad experienced personalities. The best part is that you have the liberty to customize the timing of this iOS online training course, just like you have wanted to match with your free time. The iOS online training course is likely to last for a few hours, and you can get back to us, even at wee hours of the night. Our leading online professional is always ready to answer your questions and guide you through the best path towards success.

Some of the highlights of  iOS online training course

After going through our programs, you can avail comprehensive iPhone application development training, which comes handy with LIVE projects.

  • Get acquainted with 20 LIVE online classes, which are known for their interactive sessions. The timing of these classes is likely to vary, depending on the materials available.
  • For the betterment of our aspiring students, we are likely to offer add-on complementary course ware. Those are related under PDFs, PPTs and Docs.
  • In case, you are looking for an iOS certified course, you can always rely on us. We will offer you with certification after completion of our iOS online training course.

More about the iOS online training course

You will get acquainted with the Objective C introductory note, through Iphone iOS Online Training, from Learn The New. You will get to know more about UI controls and get started with the outlets, view controllers and actions available. Moreover, you will get to know more about navigation, table views, screen rotations, keyboard inputs and view controllers. If you are willing to know more about database storage with SQLite3, we are here to help you. Through our course, you can build universal applications, and interact proficiently with other applications. These are some of the reliable solutions, which we have in store for you.

  • Comparison of different iOS versions.
  • Understanding SWIFT and programming concepts.
  • Basics of iOS development and creating, compiling and building iOS applications.
  • Understanding the basics of XCode IDE and Objective C.
  • Learn about Swift Playground where the code can be written and see the result without any compilation.
  • Storyboard controllers, UI controllers, Login Controllers etc.
  • How to use different types of UI controls like ListView, TableView, Collection Views, Split View controllers, View page controllers, etc.
  • How to make the application compatible with different types of screens and devices like iPad, iPhone, etc.
  • Dealing with Offline Storage and different storage models.
  • How to track the geographical location and integration of Apple Maps.
  • Building the client-server application for dynamic data.
  • Creating animations for better appearance and concurrency controls.
  • Integrating social networking websites like facebook, twitter etc.
  • How to publish the iOS application on the App Store.

Introduction to iPhone and iPad Development

Overview of iPhone and iPad devices

  • Rich, revolutionary development platform and APIs
  • Programming considerations for handheld devices

Getting started with application development

  • Exploring the iOS Software Development Kit (iOS SDK)
  • Xcode
  • Cocoa Touch
  • Objective-C
  • Simulator
  • Interface Builder
  • Frameworks

Creating the User Interface

Leveraging Storyboards

  • Linking views visually
  • Presenting views modally
  • Experimenting with different segues
  • Displaying contents in a Popover
  • Embedding views in containers

Building applications with Xcode

  • Enhancing productivity with templates
  • Importing external resources
  • Developing iPhone/iPad universal applications

Designing views with Interface Builder

  • Dragging and dropping objects
  • Linking objects to controllers
  • Controlling size, position and alignment
  • Defining scenes with the storyboard

Testing with the Simulator

  • Recognizing limitations in comparison to a real device
  • Test-driving the application

Coding the User Interface with Objective-C

Programming with Objective-C

  • Applying the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern
  • Working with Cocoa Touch Frameworks

Saving data to permanent storage

  • Reading and writing files
  • Persisting data with property lists
  • Presenting Data with Table Views

Selecting the style to suit your application

  • Plain
  • Grouped
  • Indexed

Creating table views

  • Populating table view data
  • Customizing table views with images and formatting

Responding to user row selection

  • Implementing delegate methods
  • Providing visual feedback
  • Applying Navigation Tools and Techniques

Displaying multiple views using the tab bar

  • Creating multiple tabs
  • Associating tabs with views

Linking views with a navigation controller

  • Building hierarchical applications
  • Drilling down through different levels of detail

Interacting with Web Services

Evaluating implementation decisions

  • SOAP vs. REST native support
  • Parsing JSON vs. other formats

Establishing network communications

  • Leveraging the iOS networking classes
  • Issuing HTTP requests and reading responses
  • Posting updates to a database

Enhancing the User Interface

Recognizing gestures and adding animations

  • Responding to swipes and taps
  • View transitions: curling and flipping views
  • Animating view properties
  • Adding gesture recognizers to views

Rotating views with autorotation

  • Supporting different layouts
  • Adapting to various device sizes

What is XCode ?
XCode is a full packed tool kit to create iOS applications. The device compatibility for the applications can be iPhone, iPAD, Mac, Apple Watch and TV. A smooth flow of execution starting from creating upto publishing the application on the APP Store will be supported by XCode IDE.

What is Swift?
Swift is the programming language used to develop applications for iOS devices. Swift uses the features and functionalities of C and Objective C. It is safer to use Swift for app development.

What are the job opportunities if I learn iOS online training course?
Every company website and their internal applications these days are having the mobile application versions Android and iOS. There are equal chances for both platforms.

How the material will be shared?
The trainer will give you weekly assignments and the material will be shared on the google drive. Code copies and the study material will be provided.

One can approach Learn The New to take the training if you really want to development an iOS application on your own and their guidance is great. The trainer communication skills are very much balanced. A good trainer with a great sense of accomplishment. – Mr. Ritesh, Johannesburg

To be very specific i have to take the session from USA in my evening session and in India it would be around 5 AM IST. I would like to thank the trainer for his punctuality in taking the sessions without any break. The course duration was a bit delayed because he took up some additional topics out of the course content. – Mr. Arun Kumar, Lucknow

The material and the web links what you have shared with them has become handy for them when they require support. I wish to have a long term association with Learn The New for our capacity building requirements. – Ms. Karuna, Hyderabad

I am an Android developer and I thought to learn iOS application development to enhance my skill set. Learn The New has arranged the training for me in customized way not wasting time in repeating the concepts as I am in to mobile apps development already. Really they provide training to the needs of the aspiring candidates who want to update their skill set. – Sourav, Bangalore