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Course Brief

You should enrol to our Cognos online training if you desire to take your business to the next level. This online course talks about Cognos. Cognos is a business intelligence program. This software is used to analyze data.

We are a well known Cognos online training institute. We have been offering online courses for many years. This is one of the many courses we are offering. Our online Cognos training course is specifically designed for those who don’t have technical knowledge on how to handle data. This ranges from extracting data and to analyzing it and writing reports.

This course will equip you with skills that will enable you to pull down data from various sources, study them and come up with accurate information that can be stored in a data warehouse. Cognos is one of the leading Softwares used in business intelligence reporting.

Enrol in our Cognos online training and save a lot of money from the skills you learn.

Our live Cognos online training comprises of the following topics:

  • Understanding the basic concept of data warehousing. This ranges from data warehousing architectures, data transformation and characteristics of data warehouse data among others.
  • An overview understanding of what business intelligence is. We will also look at why business intelligence is important among others.
  • We will at Cognos in depth. We look at various topics relating to it.
  • We will look at how the business intelligence administration comprises of and how to handle specific permission settings among others.
  • Understand how to create and modify data from various sources and how to create data backup systems among others.
  • Look at what is Cognos connection. We will also examine Cognos connection elements and how to personalize the Cognos connection.
  • Introduction to framework manager, its basics and how to design projects with it.
  • Step by step guidelines on how to import and export data from one source to another without losing any information.
  • How to create reports using Query studio and how to change its format.
  • Understanding how this course can help transform your business.

Overview of Business Intelligence
What is Business Intelligence
Importance & Uses of BI
Components of BI
Business Intelligence Roadmap

Overview of Data Warehousing
What is Data Warehouse
OLTP and OLAP systems
Data Warehouse Architecture
Star Schema

Cognos 8 BI introduction
Cognos Architecture
Installation of Cognos 8 BI
Configuring Cognos 8 BI
Different studios in Cognos 8 BI

Cognos 8 BI Administration
Create and Modify Data Sources
Create Users, Roles and Groups
Define permission/security settings

Cognos Connection QuickTour
Navigation – Public and Private Folder
Scheduling – Report, format options, job
Create URL, Portals, Pages, Report views
Cognos Configuration, Content Store
Security setup and Deployment(import, export)

Cognos Query Studio
Introduction to Query Studio
Create Reports (List, Crosstab, Charts, Grouped List)
Report Layout and formatting
Sorting, Grouping & Subtotals
Applying Filters, Prompts & Calculations
Drill Through Reports
Run and Manage Reports

Cognos Analysis Studio
Introduction to Analysis Studio
Creating a basic Analysis
Insert data, Nest data
Exploring data
Change measure, Drill-down
Insert a calculation, Sharing data

Cognos Report Studio
Introduction to Report Studio
Creating List, Crosstab, Chart, Repeater, Maps
Formatting Reports
Creating prompts, filters, calculations
Conditional formatting
Master-detail and drill through reports
Report bursting
Setting Variables
Set operators
Report functions & Report validation

Cognos Framework Manager
Introduction to Framework Manager
(User Interface, Navigation, Objects, Metadata modelling)
Creating Model & Namespace (Layers)
Importing Metadata
Creating Query Subjects & Query Items
Creating Relationships & setting cardinalities
Verify model, publishing package
Add Business Rules & Set Governors
Assigning package level security
Calculations & Filters

Cognos Event Studio

Introduction to Event Studio
Creating Agents
Specify an Event condition
Scheduling Agent

Does your online Cognos course talk about business intelligence?
Yes, there is. This course is well detailed. It contains many topics. There is a topic that talks about business intelligence, what it is all about and how it functions.

I would like to design projects using framework manager. Can this course help me?
Yes, you are in the right place. This course will equip you with skills on how to design various projects using framework manager. Enrol today with us.

How will I learn this online course?
We have a team of course instructors who will guide you through this online course. There are also some online videos and contents that you can go through.

When will I be able to access the learning materials?
Thank you for asking this important question. You will gain access to our learning materials as soon as you finish paying for the entire fees for this course.

Do you guys have any form of offers?
Yes, we do. However; it keeps on shifting from time to time. You can confirm the available offers with us or our course instructors.

Do I need to be advanced in any programming language in order to understand IBM Cognos?
Thank you for asking this important question. It is not a requirement that you understand any programming language. However; an idea of the Java language will be an added advantage.

What is data warehousing all about? And is it included in this course?
Let me start off by stating that our online Cognos course is well detailed. It covers broad topics, including data warehousing. There is an entire chapter set aside, that talks about this topic and various topics related to data warehousing. Enrol today and have unlimited access to this topic.

How long will online Cognos training course take?
Thank you for asking this question. There is no exact answer to this question. It depends on the timetable you have chosen. Contact us for more information.

Can I pay in instalments for the online Cognos training course?
Kindly contact us for more information. We need to assess your financial situation before making a decision.

I have a question. Do you teach people how to write reports based on the information they have collected?
Yes, we do. There is a chapter written connection that talks about this information.

I am an expert in Oracle. I wanted to shift my expertise to Cognos. My friend referred me to you. I am scared of new experiences. I almost gave up on this course before the first session. Your instructors made this patch easy for me. Thank you so much.Jivathran Murli

I have been walking across the globe looking for a perfect institution to enrol for this course. I was attracted by your affordable prices when compared to other institutions. Your demo session made me confirm I have found the best institution. I am glad I met you guys. Sundeep das

I thought this course is only recognized locally. I got the chance of visiting South Africa for an interview. I was amazed they recognize this course and your certificate. I will enrol for more courses immediately I get back. Kavya Mehta

I will give you a five-star rating any day. You guys have highly qualified course directors who have vast knowledge on this course. They are quick to respond to questions. They also elaborate more on points that are not clear. David Harrison

I came across several cases where people failed in this online course. I was worried that I might fail as well until I met you guys. My course instructor prepared me well for examinations. I am so happy I passed. Thank you so much. Clove Jennifer