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Course Brief

The successful Android app developers learn various programming languages to create functional apps. Nowadays, most of them use Kotlin for Android Development. We offer Kotlin Android Online Certification courses for our students. With the best guidance and instructions, we help our students to know everything about Kotlin and Android app development techniques. Our online training course makes your development process much easier. You will be able to create apps for all Android versions by using the programming language, Kotlin.

Android apps have become highly popular to mobile users. Thus, by knowing the Android mobile app development process, you will easily be able to get a job as a developer. Kotlin is one of the powerful and concise official languages for Android app development. Under Apache 2.0, this is an open source solution. Lots of global standard companies prefer Kotlin for their app development.  Our students will know everything about the features, related to Kotlin. They will learn the way of creating reliable Android apps. Our Kotlin with Android Online Training Classes increases your skill you to deal with this programming language. Our trainers will also train you to apply your knowledge to developing apps in the practical world.

Our trainers will answer you to all your queries on Android and Kotlin. Kotlin programming becomes easier for you, and you can develop apps for a better career. Our Kotlin with Android online training classes is intended for everyone, who has an interest in the programming language and app development.

People who learn Kotlin with Android App Development online course will cover the following topics

  1. A systematic guide to building high-quality Android Apps by applying Kotlin.
  2. Comprehensive knowledge on Kotlin as the programming language.
  3. Gain confidence as Android and Kotlin app developer.
  4. Become familiar to the latest updates on Kotlin.
  5. The course helps you to build various real-world apps, including calculator, media player. 
  6. It also develops your ability in creating different online gaming apps. 
  7. Learn the tips of avoiding reverse engineering for the app. 
  8. You will know the way of designing an attractive layout for your app by using the right shape, colour and style. 
  9. Our instructions will help you to apply Kotlin Android extensions for various app development solutions. 
  10. You can know the technique of integrating alerts and dialogs by using Kotli. 
  11. Learn deal with SQLite database for updating, deleting and adding the records

Kotlin Introduction :
  1. Kotlin Hello World – You First Kotlin Program.
  2. How the Kotlin program works.
  3. Comparison With Java “Hello, World!” program.
Kotlin Data Types :
  1. Kotlin Variables and Basic Types
  2. How to declare a variable in Kotlin?
  3. Difference Between var and val
  4. Kotlin Basic Types
  5. Number Type
    • Byte
    • Short
    • Int
    • Long
    • Float
    • Double
  6. Kotlin Arrays
  7. Kotlin Strings
Kotlin Operators :
  1. Arithmetic Operators
    • Concatenation of Strings
    • How arithmetic operators actually work?
  2. Assignment Operators
  3. Unary prefix and Increment / Decrement Operators
  4. Comparison and Equality Operators
  5. Logical Operators
  6. in Operator
  7. Index access Operator
  8. Invoke Operation
  9. Bitwise Operation
    • shl – Signed shift left
    • shr – Signed shift right
    • ushr – Unsigned shift right
    • and – Bitwise and
    • or – Bitwise or
    • xor – Bitwise xor
    • inv – Bitwise inversion
Kotlin Type Conversion with examples :
  1. Conversion from Larger to Smaller Type
Kotlin Expression, Statements and Blocks :
  1. Kotlin Expressions with examples
  2. Kotlin Statements with examples
  3. Kotlin Blocks with examples
  4. Kotlin Comments
    • Traditional comment /* … */
    • End of Line Comment //
    • Use Comments the Right Way
Kotlin Basic Input/Output :
  1. Koltin Output with the example
    • Difference Between println() and print()
  2. Kotlin Input
    • Getting Integer Input from the User
Kotlin Flow Control :
  1. Kotlin if Expression with examples
  2. Kotlin when Expression with examples
  3. Kotlin while and do-while Loop with examples
  4. Kotlin for Loop
  5. Kotlin break Expression
  6. Kotlin continue Expression
Kotlin Functions :
  1. Types of Functions
    • Kotlin Standard Library Function
    • User-defined Functions
    • How to call a function?
    • How functions with arguments and return value work?
Kotlin Infix Function Call :
  1. Kotlin Default and Named Arguments
    Kotlin Default Argument
    How default arguments work?
  2. Kotlin named argument
  3. Kotlin Recursion (Recursive Function) and Tail Recursion-
  4. How does recursion work in programming?
  5. How does this program work?
  6. Kotlin Tail Recursion
  7. The condition for tail recursion
Kotlin OOP :
Kotlin Class and Objects :
  1. Object-oriented Programming (OOP)
  2. Kotlin Class
    How to define a class in Kotlin?
  3. Kotlin Objects
    How to access members?
Kotlin Constructors :

1)Primary Constructor
Primary Constructor and Initializer Blocks
Default Value in Primary Constructor
2)Kotlin Secondary Constructor

Kotlin Getters and Setters :

How do getters and setters work?

Kotlin Inheritance :

1)Why inheritance?
2)Kotlin inheritance with examples
Overriding Member Functions and Properties
Calling Members of Base Class from Derived Class

Kotlin Visibility Modifiers :

1)Visibility Modifiers Inside Package
2)Visibility Modifiers Inside Classes and Interfaces
3)Changing Visibility of a Constructor

Kotlin Abstract Class :

Kotlin Abstract Class and Method

Kotlin Interfaces :

1)How to define an interface?
2)How to implement an interface?
3)Implementing Two or More Interfaces in a Class
4)Resolving overriding conflicts (Multiple Interface)

Kotlin Nested and Inner Class :

1)Kotlin Nested Class with examples
2)Kotlin Inner Class with examples

Kotlin Data Class :

1)Kotlin Data Class Requirements
2)hashCode() and equals()
3)Destructuring Declarations

Kotlin Sealed Classes :

Difference Between Enum and Sealed Class

Kotlin Object Declarations and Expressions :
  1. Object Declarations
  2. Singletons and Dependency Injection
Kotlin object Expressions :
Kotlin Companion Objects :
Kotlin Extension Function :
Kotlin Operator Overloading :

While undertaking online android training course, students are often faced with difficulties and queries. For that not to happen, here is a list of the most frequently asked questions of all time related to this matter.

  1. Which Android version does Kotlin support?

Ans: Kotlin works safely and smoothly for all the old versions of Android mobiles.

  1. Is it tough to learn Kotlin?

Ans: Most of the programmers have said that this is one of the easiest programming languages. It is a modern and innovative language. Our trainers also apply the best training technique to simplify everything for you.

  1. Why Kotlin is a better choice for developing Android apps?

Ans: For all higher-order types of functions, Kotlin is the right programming language. However, while you are using Kotlin, you may be able to blend different other languages for the development of an app. Kotlin can work with Objective C and Java. Thus, it becomes painless for you to learn this new programming language.

Kotlin applications also run very fast on all the older Android OS versions. The bytecode structure of Kotlin is similar to what we have found in Java. This language deals with inline functionalities. The runtime library is very compact, and this is another advantage of Kotlin. This runtime may add very few methods to the APK file size. Thus, to get the best training for Kotlin, you can choose our institute.

  1. What are the pre-requisites to go through this training program?

Ans: Students, having experience in Java programming and app development, will be able to make out Kotlin features easily. However, the fresher may also apply for this training course.

  1. How much will I pay to learn Kotlin online course?

Ans: We have different rates as we offer a customized training course. However, our discount offers make your course fee budget-friendly.

  1. How will I use Android Studio for debugging Kotlin?

Ans: Kotlin debugging process is similar to Java code debugging. There is nothing complicated in it.

  1. Which tools do I use for developing an Android app?

Ans: Kotlin team presents you with Android app development toolset. You can find compiler extension and Anko library that includes wrappers for Android APIs.

  1. How will I get a job from your course?

Ans: You have to pass our exam, and then we will give you a certificate. Show this certificate for getting a job.

  1. What is the duration of this course?

Ans: The duration may be variable for every student. Beginners take more time to learn everything.

  1. Do you offer job assistance?

Ans: After your Kotlin Online Training Certification program is over, you can apply for a job. We prepare you for an interview session.


This is the section where you get to know the efficiency of our services. From our collection of thousands of reviews, here are the top 3 that matters.

Lots of thanks for helping me to learn Kotlin Programming Language. Your course curriculum is good as it includes everything, essential to becoming an app developer. – Sanjay Mehra, Mumbai.

Best training institute for Android Kotlin development course. Your instructors are friendly and dedicated. Their personal attention has enabled me to learn everything easily. The charge rate for your training course is also reasonable. – Rajesh Kumar, Andhra Pradesh.

I have a passion for learning Android, and thus, I have joined your Android app development course. At first, I have no knowledge of Kotlin. However, your guidance has assisted me to master the programming language. – Ravi Kiran, Bangalore.

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