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  1. Trainer should have a minimum 4 years of relevant experience in the technology / course he was going to deal with and he should be holding good communication skills and there is no upper cap for the number of courses he can deal with once he has the mentioned relevant experience.
  2. Trainer has to give a demo session to the Learn The New Technical Team, which will be evaluating the trainer on technical and communication skills and a couple of days will be taken for the evaluation and the session will be recorded for the evaluation.
  3. Once shortlisted the trainer has the choice to decide whether to get their profile published on our website and for this a proforma will be shared to fill in.
  4. Learn The New prefers to use the Trainer name and the Email as per the below format while joining GoToMeeting for the Demo Sessions a. Ex : If you teach SAP ABAP i. Name : SAP ABAP Trainer ii. Email :
  5. Learn The New doesn’t prefer the trainers to share their personal information like name, email, mobile, company you are working with etc by any means while conducting the demo session failing which your enrolment as a Trainer with Learn Communals will be discontinued.
  6. As per the interest of the Trainer, he can give us a name for further communication. This is because some of the trainers would be working with some companies as part of their work experience.
  7. Once the student get enrolled in your course, GMAIL account will be given by Learn The New using which further communication can be made with the student for sending material, sample code, FAQ’s etc.
  8. At least a couple of demos are to be given to the attendees to give them a confidence on the course content and its objectives.
  9. Recordings can be shared with the students using the GMAIL account provided by Learn The New, and if the trainer has any concerns in sharing the recordings, it has to be brought to the notice of Learn The New before starting the batch which helps us to make this transparent to the students.
  10. Learn The New has multiple trainers for all the courses and the leads will be shared on equal basis to all the trainers. The number of leads in a batch can be a minimum of 1 student to a maximum of 5 students.
  11. Learn The New will not stop you to place our lead in any batch of your choice in the same slot. This is to be made transparent and should be done in a couple of days once the student got enrolled and Point no 3 also applies.


    1. Trainers will be paid 50% of the fee Learn The New claims from the student.
    2. First 50% of the trainer share will be paid after completing 50% of the course in 2 days time.
    3. Second 50% of the trainer share will be paid after completing the course in 2 days time.
    4. If the trainer fails to complete the course, the total paid fee so far has to be paid back to Learn The New irrespective of the course taken till that date.
    5. In any case, if the student fails to pay the second half of the fee to Learn The New after completing 50% of the course, the course will be discontinued and the sessions ends by paying the first half of the trainer fee. In this case Learn The New will not take the responsibility to pay the remaining 50% if the student discontinues.
    6. If the student requires a break in any case, a maximum of 3 months will be given to him to continue his course again by paying the remaining half.
    7. Fee will be transferred online and if the trainer requires the payment in the form of Cheque or Cash he has to come to our office to collect the fee.


    1. The course has to be completed within the stipulated time and a grace time of 5 days can be taken to complete the course.
    2. A maximum of 2 leaves can be taken by the trainer and this has to be intimated to Learn The New, so that the student will be updated. If more leaves are required, Learn The New will discuss with the student if agreed by both the parties, the trainer can avail the leave.


            Training Timings ( Weekdays )

            5 AM to 8 AM8 PM to 11 PM

            Training Timings ( Weekends )

            Sat & Sun

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