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Know All About Android:

This blog is all about the most talked and most popular subject of all time, Android. With the passage of time, Android is one of the hottest topics of all time. The majority of the people in our society have already been indulged with either the usage or the conversations related to it.

But how much do we really know about the Android and its reality? If we ask a regular user between the difference between the first and the latest version of it, the possibility of making more than 5 pointers is next to impossible. So, we can either self-satisfy us with the fact that we know a decent amount related to Android and its application, or we can actually understand the unparallel applied possibilities of it.

With that being said, Android is a great operating system to learn about. With statistical analysis, the estimated rate of users is almost twice to that of another operating system. But when it comes to the ins and outs, most of the people are not familiar with the concept. Our Android online training course will help you to learn how to build applications that run on Android devices. So, today in this piece, you will get familiar with everything there is to know about Android in a brief.

Salient Features:

Android is actually loaded a lot of beneficial features. People most probably either don’t get it or they don’t want to get it. Let us discuss them and understand what they really are.

  1. Near Field Communication (NFC):

Many people don’t know but Android was actually built with the concept of credit card substitution. The Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) feature enables you to have a credit card like an idea that can actually be used as a substitute for your credit card. This feature was not very popular but now, due to the influence of certain apps, this feature is now getting adored by the majority.

  1. Alternate Keyboards:

Many people don’t know but Android actually supports multiple language keyboards and typing features. With the help of software like Swift Key, 8pen and Skype, you can use many regional languages as part of your textual conversation. Other OS either don’t support this feature or the procedure is far more complicated to conduct.

  1. Infrared Controller:

This is one of the most hidden features of all time when it comes to Android. The infrared transmitter can actually turn your regularized Smartphone to a remote controller, possibly a universal remote controller. There are apps in the play store to make that happen.

  1. No-Touch Control:

Do you know that the Android operating system comes with a no-touch feature? It means that you can actually use gestures to make changes to your most popular activities on your phone. Imagine a situation where you are driving and can control your phone’s music with the help of a gesture only.

  1. Automation:

By automation here, I mean the Artificial Intelligence (AI) that you have inbuilt in your phone. You can actually make your phone work on its own with Cortana. Cortana is an artificial intelligence designed by Google. You can surf the net, play music or anything else with this feature.

  1. PC to Phone Sync:

The biggest issue with iOS is that you actually need iTunes to sync your phone with your computer. Android can make that happen with literally any third party software. You can just have a software installed on your PC and make it sync without any extra issues.

  1. Storage and Battery:

The biggest reason why Android is the most preferable OS is the bendability of its ways. While Apple doesn’t come with a changeable battery and a flexible memory extension, both these features are very popular extensions of Android.

  1. Custom Home screen:

How promising is the idea of custom home screen sounds? The customized home screen can bring about a lot of contributing changes. The gestures and the performance as well can be majorly affected if you know what you are doing. There are some third-party apps to do so but it is advised to download any such from the play store only.

  1. Widgets:

Although there are many apps in the market that can actually make things simpler, you just can’t have an app for everything. That will not only pressurize the processor but the runtime will also be a very glitch. That’s where the widgets come in. They will make you take a look instantly and will also not consume less time. Now, that’s something that you can consider to install on your phone.

  1. Custom ROMs:

The best feature of this OS is that you can have a huge selective range of ROMs to choose from. You can have continuous updates on the features and as long as your phone is compatible, you can have new things every now and then.


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