The 10 Essential Books For iOS App Development in 2019

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With the constant use of Apple products in the market, the non-android users have started to focus on various apps that can cater and benefit the user experience and help these developers to study more intricately about iOS processes. One can get all the solutions to all common issues in iOS programming and these books will teach you the meaning of app development right from the scratch.

The 10 Best Books for IOS App Development are:-

1) The iOS Apps for Mastermind 4th edition:

The book includes, Foundation framework, swift paradigm, UIKit framework, Scroll View, Stack views, stable views, alert views, Files, archiving, Core data, Notifications, Auto layout, navigation controllers, I cloud, Core animation, AV production, Camera and photos library, error handling, Internationalization, image and Video and more. With no doubt, this is one of the good books to read for IOS App Development.

2) User guide to apple watch:

If you have an apple watch then this one is simple the guidebook for you. This will tell you everything about apple watch and what else you can do with it – How to personalize it, General interaction with the watch face, how to communicate and get in touch with friends using an Apple watch, how to put in reminders and events and other apps and tricks.

3) iOS 11 development essentials: 

The book provides you with information on advanced topics such as file handling, database management, graphics drawing and animation. The other features that are covered in this book include Siri recognition, biometric authentication, Cloudkit sharing, spritekit games development.

4) Practical mobile forensics:

You can investigate, analyze and get hands-on experience on Mobile forensics. One can easily learn- extracting data from iOS platforms, recovering data on the iOS platforms, recovering data, getting an idea of the windows devices and you will learn to discover the techniques in the practical worlds of mobile forensics.

5) Developing conversational interfaces for iOS:

You will learn to integrate voice interfaces into the application, make use of framework for voice reactive and future proof your interface according to the voice recognition. The book is primarily for iOS developers.

6) iPhone: The Missing Manual:

This contains exciting features for new apps such as – Siri, Maps, photos and more. The book is an easy guide that will help you with watching videos and web browsing and one of the top books to read Mobile App Development.

7) Programming iOS 11:

This is a very essential book if you are a developer, you can learn from the frameworks of sound, maps, video and sensors, stretchable navigation bars, Table cell swipe buttons, drag and drop and much more. It is a great book to brush up your basics.

8) iOS development with Swift:

The book contains various chapters dealing with information that is essential for you to gather if you are looking forward to web developments. You will know- Creative adaptive layouts, store and manage data, publish to apps store and do more. The book is divided into four parts that will serially take you through chapters. It ranks among the 10 swift books for learning IOS Development.

9) Core data by tutorials fourth edition:

You can start with the basic with this book to core and stack data. Things to learn from this book are – One can learn how the main objects in core data work together, how to fetch with core data and lots more.

10) iOS apprentice sixth edition:

This is a very essential book with intricate details that cover all the information for Apple. There are tutorials that will cover all the steps to write an app and it is very easy to follow. This is one of the best book recommendations for Mobile App Development.

One can try all of these above-mentioned books to learn and explore the writing and programming world in iOS.



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